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This is going to sound silly, but...

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...I guess I have too strong a conscience. You see, Amazon Prime makes you choose a reason when you make a return. I returned a spoon and originally chose “No longer needed” as that was why I was returning it. But it was charging me .86 from the order to return it. SO I went back and chose “item defective” even though it really wasn’t. I had to give a reason, so I wrote, “spoon was not being used for the wax as it was intended,” which was the truth. Amazon then didn’t charge me the extra .86 to ship it back, so I am now getting my full refund.


Ugh, I know this is probably the most silly thing you’ve ever read.


But I felt guilty that I chose the “wrong” reason so I wouldn’t get charged the 86 cents. But then I also remind myself, “Well, one may argue Amazon shouldn’t charge extra solely based on the reason for the return.”


Obviously I needed to vent. (And perhaps, be reminded just how much I need to stop reading so much into silly things like this. Just perhaps.)


Ok, thank you for reading. :)

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I’ve heard of one person being banned from sites for too many returns- not amazon but Zappos. And heard a few other similar stories. I am not sure if they check to see if the item actually is defective. On the other hand I had a situation where a package was claimed to have been handed right to me when it wasn’t. They refunded me and gave me a gift card. A few hours later I located it. Immediately called the company to tell them and that I didn’t need the refund. They thanked me but would not undo the refund. I was glad I called.

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I wouldn't worry too much because Amazon is a huge company that is very well off. I'm sure they'll be fine lol But if you do feel really bad then maybe you could just give some coins to a homeless person? I'm sure they'll appreciate it and they need it way more than Amazon lol

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