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Struggling with Skin Issues?

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Hey guys, for anyone struggling with any sort of skin issue, I wanted to give a shout out to retinol (prescription strength) not the stuff you buy over the counter but the kind you need a prescription for, just ask your doctor.


I have tried OTC, not only is it much more expensive, it doesn’t do a damn thing imo.


Now this prescription stuff, wow! Not only does it get rid of severe acne (my nephew has struggled with acne for years, tried this stuff and his face has 100% cleared up within six months, no joke), but it makes fine lines literally disappear, tightens pores, AND I had gotten a facial cyst removed from my cheek about six months ago (created a thread about it), have been using the retinol and there is no scar whatsoever, none, nada, completed faded.


It’s just generic brand from your doctor, the brand name is called Tretinoin, any doctor can prescribe it. You can purchase on line but wouldn't recommend it.


Anyway, to anyone struggling with any sort of skin issues -- acne, scarring, or you just want to stay youthful looking and eliminate those pesky fine lines, I highly recommend it!!


It’s NOT expensive, in fact it’s literally half the price of OTC and I am only half way through the jar and only been using six months!!


Anyway, I am usually not one to tout a product like this, but damn this stuff is literally a miracle worker - after I got the cyst removed, there was a deep wound and it looked bloody horrible for quite a while, but after a few months of using the Tretinoin, I noticed the scar fading and fading and now it's totally gone!

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I've been using over the counter retinol, and I like the way my skin feels. Did you ask your primary doctor or a dermatologist?


My derm prescribed for me after he sliced the cyst off my face. He did something called a "shave biopsy" which involved literally slicing off the cyst with a razor, didn't hurt by yikes!


Sent it for biopsy and thankfully it was benign, but left a really gnarly looking scar.


But your primary can prescribe too, any medical doctor.


Holly I never heard of Tazorac, is that OTC or prescrip?


I used to have a few fine lines on my forehead, not they're totally gone!


Love this stuff.

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