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Lady at the restaurant


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There's a restaurant I go to once a week or so down the block from my place. It has a wonderful staff and I feel really welcome being regular since they are a newer place and want to keep their clientele. I pop in on an off day in the evening, before close and have a seat at the bar usually. There's a worker there who I've been finding very attractive, but as a former bartender, I know very well, what it's like to be at work and have customers chat you you up or take noticeable interest. I'm not the person to try and ask out a restaurant employee but felt like something was different this time and wanted to give it a shot.


With all of that in mind, she always takes tome to check up on me and asks how I'm doing and actually wants to hold personal conversation, along with other co-workers. She recently invited me to go out partying with another co-worker there once they finish with finals and I thought it sounded like fun. I left my number on the receipt that night for if the ever do kick things off and would like to bring me along, but also on the odd chance she wanted to text me.


I never got a text message from her, but when I visit she still takes the time to say hi and chat with me and is genuinely interested in my conversations. We often make eye contact and smile at each other still. It seems like she is interested or maybe likes me, but I can't tell if she is hesitant to message me or maybe didn't notice my phone number. I definitely won't ask her out or try to ask for her number instead when her co-workers are around, obviously. When I was there tonight and we were talking about the party, her coworker mentioned that she will message me the party details, however. Maybe she did receive my number after all. I'm not entirely sure.


I guess I'm just confused by the situation. Maybe I should take a break from stopping by there? There's a possibility she's not really interested, of course. But when others have visited the restaurant with me they have definitely noticed, and even told me, that it's pretty obvious she is into me based upon what they see between us. Most importantly, I want to remain respectful as a regular customer to the restaruant, and as a human being to another person. She's really sweet and I'm realizing that I'm attracted to her.

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They obviously have your number since the co worker said she’d message you details of the party.

I think they are just friendly to be honest.


Since this girl does have your number and if she was interested, she could easily have sent a quick text saying “just checking I’ve got the right number for when I have details of the party”

In an attempt to strike up a conversation away from the bar.

But she didn’t. And she also isn’t the one going to text you the details either.

Her co worker is.

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I too think that she's just being friendly. She may have picked up that you're a bit friendlier or more receptive to what she says also which makes conversations with you flow better and it's part of her job. I'd say if you like her that much and have the courage, just plain ask her out. If you are betting on her texting you anything other than directions or basic info, I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you and I also wouldn't overthink any message that comes from her. The only real way to know if someone feels the same way about you is to go about it head on and ask her out point blank and be that guy, whatever that means.


If you don't want to risk embarrassing yourself or her, just let it be and stop going there as often. Start meeting other women.

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