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Should i stop trying with this girl ?


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Hello everyone.


I need some advice so please help me.


There is this girl that sent me a friend request through Facebook. I accepted her and we started chatting after a few days. Even though we were only texting, i enjoyed our conversations since she were friendly and talkative. I made sure not to talk to her excessively and give her some room. Well after a few chats, we exchanged phone numbers but when i asked her if i can call her so we can talk on the phone instead of texting, she said that she is not alone in her room and she is with her sister. I was okay with that.

A few days later, i tried again and asked if we can talk on the phone and she keeps giving the same excuse ... I didn't want to push it so i ignored the subject for a while and just kept texting her, but less ...

After a few weeks, a friend of mine that she knows went to her faculty and she said that if i came with him, we would have met. So i proposed to come see her there, and again she gave an excuse that she will spend the day with her friends. One week later, i asked again and she keeps making an excuse ... well i was annoyed and figured that she is simply not interested in seeing me, so i stopped contacting her.


After 10 days, she reached out to me ( through texting :upset: though ) and initiated a conversation, talking to me about a girl bullying her and making fun of her in the faculty. I was happy that she still wants to talk, but i stopped trying asking to see her or call her because i felt that will make me feel needy since she refused more than once.

We kept chatting. Lately, she reached out to me on her own and told me that she has been going out with a guy from her faculty for a month and most likely they will become an official couple soon.


Why would she do something like that ? Aside from Facebook and texting, we don't know each other and we have never met each other in real life. And i stopped asking for a phone call or a meeting for a long time ( nearly two months ), so why would she tell me about something like that and i ain't even her friend ?


My thought is that she made me her texting buddy. She will text me, talks to me, share her problems and her news with me, but is never interested in seeing me or meeting me to know what kind of guy i am because she doesn't care and i believe that's the case. I intend to cut all communication with her, since it was a waste of time for me honestly.


What do you guys think ? Is this the right thing to do ? Any chance i'm misunderstanding the situation ?


Thank you in advance.

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Sounds like when you asked her out she was just starting to date this other guy (unless my timeline is wrong). She may have you around as a backup or simply because she's bored and wants a friend, but she obviously doesn't want you to get the wrong idea and that's why she told you she's making things official with the other guy soon. I would let this one go if you still have romantic interest in her. She knows where to find you if it doesn't work out with the other dude.

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It’s your fault you never questioned why on Earth she kept making excuses and if the truth is she just doesn’t want to speak because for all you know she could be a man. You should have said. Next time mate don’t take s h I t from a girl, JUST CZ SHES A GIRL. If you can’t talk to her like you can talk to us, she ain’t worth it and you gna end up with a c r a p wife. Don’t blame her, lesson learned and move on.

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You're not misunderstanding the situation, OP.


She is dating someone else. She told you because she didn't want you to pursue her that way, and she likely waited to tell you because she wasn't sure where things were going yet with her new guy.


There is no point continuing to communicate with her.

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