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Haven't heard from her in almost a week, think I accidentally creeped her out...


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Trust me I know it was and I won't be making that mistake again, once is enough for me. Never done this before in all my previous relationships and dating experiences but then again, this is probably the first time I've been ghosted, so it's my ego talking. Thanks for the responding guys.


She did *not* ghost you. She cancelled the date because her Grandma was in the hospital. That's cancelling, not ghosting. a guy that she has not met is way down the list in this circumstance.


Ghosting is if you actually met, went on a few dates, she verbally agreed to see you again and then never returned another call or text and never called. That's ghosting.


If you act based on your ego, you will not be successful. When a date with someone does not come together, say NEXT in your mind -- if they end up contacting you later, deal with it then, but keep moving forward and go on coffee/lunches/ice creams for quick meets with women until you meet someone you want to get to an actual date with.

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Making her aware that I checked out her Instagram was where it went downhill. This desperation and awkwardness was just me attempting to claw my way back up the mountain so to speak.


There was no mountain to climb back up on. She had a family emergency. Anything else besides family and her job were on pause for her. Sometimes timing is just bad.

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True, that could come off as obsessed stalker. Next time message a few times, set up an in person meet. Make sure you are not being scammed or lured into a crime scene next time. Meet for a brief coffee in a public place. If you want to do some homework and check things out on social media, keep it for your own info.

Making her aware that I checked out her Instagram was where it went downhill.
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