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why do i enjoy talking to him more on phone then in person?


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I know this isn't ing weird. I know there are people out there..


I've been talking to this guy for almost 5 months now and it feels like forever because we text and talk on Facetime all the time. i'm surprised he hasn't asked me out. when we see each other in person its fun at first but it gets kinda boring after 4 hours. I try so hard to make it exciting but he always pulls that "okay i'm getting kinda tired i'm gonna go now" and its barely 6 or 7pm. He always texts and tells me about his day through the phone but its not the same in person. I'm getting kinda self conscious. Like if i make spending time with him a waste of time.

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I agree 5 months is a long time.


Electronic correspondence is different than being with someone in person. Life and relationships aren't about 24 / 7 constant, endless amounts of excitement. There are lulls and yes, it gets boring. However, couples learn to do their own thing even when they're together. You don't have to be stuck like glue to him all the time. And, mature men know how to think and converse with women intelligently.


I think it's lack of maturity on his part if he gets bored and tired by 6 or 7pm. This is not the sign of a mature man. Inside his brain, he's still a kid. He has fun texting and Facetiming yet he can't handle real life and real relationships in person. He hasn't grown up yet. He's immature and not relationship material.


I think you're wasting your time with him whether it's texting, Facetiming and being with him in person. He's a red flag. You deserve to be with a man who knows how to behave like a grown man with maturity, respect, consideration and empathy in mind.

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It's possible he suffers from a form of social anxiety and being you would rather talk on phone too (title of this thread) rather than spend time in person, suggests you might also.


You're both uncomfortable with in person interaction, causes some people to feel anxious and self-conscious.


Virtual interaction on phone or on line = less anxiety, less self-conscious, thus more comfortable and more to talk about!


Imo this is why so many folks today enter into these "cyber relationships."


Some never even meet! It's just more comfy for them that way.


Again, a form of social anxiety.


I dunno, something to consider anyway.

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The whole point of dating is to learn whether someone is a good match for you. Most perfectly nice people are NOT our match. That's just natural odds. So you've found someone you find boring. Why would you WANT him to ask you out?


I'd use dating apps, meet up.org groups or any other means to start meeting people who you'll WANT to date. You'll know it when you synch up with someone who offers true simpatico, but that's rare. Love is supposed to be rare, or what would be so special about it?


This guy is not your match.

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