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Boyfriend left apartment then broke up. Devastated donÂ’t want to lose him.


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My boyfriend and I had our ups and downs but very much in love. We'd been together about a year, both in our early thirties and we were very invested in future planning..wedding, engagement, etc. He broke up with me several months ago after a phone argument about money. He gave me the silent treatment for days then stated it was about more issues than the argument and essentially blamed me for everything saying I was too crabby and anxious, insecure, and clingy. I should note during our entire relationship my guy had no friends other than his brother to speak of. He also had a rough childhood where he was shuffled between his mom and grandparents. His grandmother was very controlling and still was doing that to him as an adult. She used money to help him but never offered actual love/support.I had/have friends but always prioritized the bf. In fact we were each otherÂ’s best friends according to him.


Anyway, he broke up with me and a couple of months later asked for me back. I missed him and still loved him but took a week to consider it. Then I met him and told him what I needed out of the relationship. During this time he was also trying to quit smoking and did quit for awhile, but he had cravings sometimes. We got back together in November and things were going fine, until I had a seizure and dislocated my kneecap suddenly while I was in the shower with him in Early February. This was caused by a blood cIot. I was in the hospital a week, he was there a lot, but he had a talk with his grandmother who said it I was too much for him to be taking care of me and I was too high maintenance. At any rate, he decided to ignore her.


Long story short..I had been seeing my bf frequently at his apartment and staying over before all the medical stuff but we didnÂ’t live together. I essentially moved in with him. He said he wanted me to live with from now on, that he was He did things to take care of me, like taking me to appointments (I went with him to his appointments too), helped me shower etc. He was still working and so I know he was tired. My condition improved drastically. I went from using a wheelchair/walker to crutches to going up the stairs independently and walking with a limp/ one crutch only for big outings. The only thing is my knee wonÂ’t bend normally (partially and IÂ’m in PT but my doctors donÂ’t want me to go back to work yet. Sometimes IÂ’d get frustrated and cry because I take pride in working and I just got my masters degree in teaching in December. I was working at an assistants job when this happened, but once I get a teaching job my income would be double my bfs job. He assured me over and over he understood and was helping me pay a few of my bills. Anyway Wednesday we got into an argument because he talked about me declaring bankruptcy as an option. I was already upset and worried and we really hadnÂ’t explored other options. I yelled at him (he has yelled at me before and I rarely raise my voice) about that I didnÂ’t want to be a failure. I also said he wouldnÂ’t want to marry me if I did that..that I wasnÂ’t waiting all those years to get married. He got really upset..told me he was done, that I should have my mom come get me. I begged and apologized. I really had regretted not listening to him. I told him I loved him that we were family, he said he traded one bad family for another. He left for 24 hours. WouldnÂ’t answer my calls. Sent apology texts he wouldnÂ’t answer . He came back and I had called my mom. He wouldnÂ’t really talk to me said he was done that he tried really hard but he was done. When I tried to tell him how much I loved him and that IÂ’d be willing to make changes like being less clingy..he said I was lying. He took a change of clothes and left before I did. He said it was hard to see my stuff around the apartment and looked sad.


I thought he was gone to stay with his mom or grandmother like the previous night but we came back later that night to get my medication for my blood thinners and some clothes. He answers the door. I find out heÂ’s drunk as a skunk. HeÂ’s never been drunk in the whole time IÂ’ve known him. I said IÂ’d pray for him and that I still loved him. He got mad and said God forsook him a long time ago. My mom was comforting me when I said it was all my fault. He said now letÂ’s be honest sheÂ’s done plenty wrong. He said IÂ’d been having a free ride and I didnÂ’t appreciate it, he said I was a failure at life or I wouldnÂ’t be with him, he said I was aging and no man would want to be with someone who had debt. He yelled at my mom too.Told us to get the f out.


My mom and I had been the only ones close to him..on Easter he had cried when we both gave him Easter baskets and he said we were the only people that accept him.


I havenÂ’t heard from him since Thursday and a lot of my stuff is still at the apartment. IÂ’m devastated.


I know IÂ’m not perfect, but I want him back. I love this man. I know IÂ’ve been too clingy and I can adjust my behavior. Is there any way he will be back? HeÂ’s been back before.

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