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So I broke up with my girlfriend because I lied about doing a drug and I told her because I felt bad about it

I went to hers and had basically a mental break down and she said she can see I’m genuinely sorry about it but she couldn’t give me a second chance

So I left and I was texting her she told me she liked someone else and wanted to try develop on that so that was one reason she wouldn’t give me a second chance other being she thought I’d do it again

We’ve stayed friends but u went to hers the other day and she got out the shower and I was like standing up in her room she was naked and she grabs me and pushes me down pretending to kiss me and then gets up and says sorry that was mean then continues to lay on me in her underwear and at one point she made me touch her boob

And I just don’t know how to feel about things I really want to get back together but now my heads messed up about everything and I don’t know what to do.

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What kind of drugs? If they're hard drugs I think you need to see someone and get back on track, try and wean yourself off even if it takes rehab. She's not interested in dating you so it's best you distance yourself from her and stop hanging around her. She's just teasing you. Get help and move forwards (dating right now might not be a good option for you).

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I’m not addicted it was once and i told her I’m not doing it again because I’m genuinely not I do keep promises and if she likes me or not I’m going to keep it -but I feel like she’s messing with me because I went to give her something yesterday and she was doing the same things

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She got drunk and FaceTimed me -we weren’t and still aren’t on good terms because I’ve been “chatting ” I’ve only talked about things to try get over her but she found out and got very annoyed-so she FaceTimed me when she was drunk got annoyed with me and started saying that I’ve always been a to her she then showed me her boob told me she wanted to have sex with me next day on snapchat she texts me saying lose our streak now. And then unadds me -a day before she rang me up she put up a post aimed at me saying she regrets wasting time on me and she can and should’ve done better -I don’t know if the call actually meant anything or she was just very drunk :(


I don’t know what to do because it’s been a long time and she’s still all that I think of and I can’t really go out without the fear that I’m going to see her and she’s going to come up and be annoyed at me about something I’ve said -and when I talk about things I never ever mean to hurt anyone -she’s quite a grudge holding person -and it doesn’t help that her friends are friends with my friends so I never know if she’s going to be there or not and I don’t think I can deal with actually seeing her.


I don’t know what and how I feel.

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In my opinion, she's being very inconsiderate of you and entitled to be treating you like this. She acts on her impulses without regard for your person at all - if she just feels horny, for example, like you described in your last thread as well as in this post, she has no problem using you for validation. I would say you need to put your foot in the door if she tries something with you again, as this is clearly not healthy for you. She decided it was over for good, and now she has to let you move on with your life. Hopefully, you find someone who respects you more and isn't so thoughtlessly impulsive about everything.


As for the drugs thing, you did the right thing telling her about breaking your promise, and if she couldn't trust you any longer because of it then it was right for the interaction to end, all other things considered too. It's safe to assume you guys weren't going to be compatible in the long run anyway. I say don't worry so much about crossing paths with her - what's done is done, and it's for the better. It's normal for it to still hurt when you see her, especially if you have a lot of nice memories together, but time heals. Just try to remember that it all has to stay over for real reasons. Good luck! :)

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