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No clue about investment

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Guys,here is the thing.

I live in UAE and saving money for last 5 years.All these years I used to buy USD or EUR and take it home.

I have no idea about investing and it is so confusing.Is there any place or licensed person who can give me advice about investing money?With honest advice,not to fool me.

I was thinking about buying apartment in Vienna or somewhere and to rent it through agency.I also have no idea about transfering money,fees and many small things noone teaces us.Also my country is not in EU and it might cause difficulty when buying.

My idea is to buy property,to rent it out and to live from that money back home before I figure out what to do next.

Please give me some info if you know snt.

Thank you

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Thing is that I don't know where to ask for finance professional.Back home,Austria,or UAE.In UAE there is,but I don't want to invest here and I don't have a lot of money.I am woman cabin crew and I am from Serbia.I was thinking about Vienna,it is close to my home and even if I get 300-400 eur a month from it,I can live good life back home.

If at least I could find out what fees need to be paid and whole process,to know do I need a loan and how long to stay here more to pay it back.

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I think earning passive income is a great idea. If you can afford to buy property in a desirable area and rent it out, contact a real estate attorney for advisement. It sounds like a sound investment especially if you can profit from appreciation and sell it should you decide to go that route in the future. You can't go wrong with real estate. However, remember: location, location, location. If you're not purchasing property for all cash, then have reserves just in case there are months while you're waiting for a tenant.

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Yes,I also think that real estate is very good,better then keeping money in bank.I would really like to start doing snt about it,but no idea where to start.For location,how can I trust these people that it is good for renting...so many things.In my country buying apartment is not good idea.And if I manage to buy even the smallest apartment in Vienna to be rented out,it would be very big thing for me.

That's why,to take loan if needed asap and to pay it off and go back home from middle east.

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It's best to seek professional, legal, financial and real estate advise instead of on a discussion board on the Internet.


You need collateral to take out a loan if you're not paying all cash for real estate. If you don't have collateral, then no loan. Or, you'll need a sizeable down payment if you don't have collateral. Money talks. Ca$h is king.


Location is an outstanding school district because this is what holds real estate values high for obvious reasons. Tenants who have families obviously want to send their children to the best public schools available which will enable your property to hold value or increase its value over the years.


Think about building equity aside from earning passive rental income.

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Investments have a lot to do with the economy(worldwide and local) and rate of returns. Investing in property in or around Vienna may be useful for you but it won't earn you much rental income as the rental situation there is fairly competitive. You'll be competing with other foreign buyers also. I was waiting to see what nationality you are as you don't sound local to UAE and there may be language or accessibility barriers. Purchasing property in UAE is also difficult due to restrictions on non-nationals. I would look at the areas in Vienna that you are interested in and start doing more research on properties there. I'm sure there are also local agents you can speak with or consult with. I can only suggest you do your own research and speak to the right people.

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Some types of investing is just trying to ride the coattails of somebody else. Eventually, somebody has to actually produce something.


Try a small business. Someday you might be able to hire somebody to run it.


One thing is for sure - you are not going to win the lotto - the odds are against it.

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Thank you everyone for answers.Believe it or not,I had no idea that there is profession called financial specialist.I found some online.I would really like to make plane\ and leave Middle East,but to have snt from it I can live from back home.I also taught about small business,but I have no clue how to start and for that to develop I should be present all the time,make many mistakes and trust employees.That's why I think it is better to invest in apartment to rent it for whatever amount.

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