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It is 30 days until my 18th birthday (from time of posting) and I feel a kind of pressure to get my life back on track as soon as possible. The last 5 months have been the most trialling time of my life, to start off I dropped out of High school because I fell too far behind due to my own laziness. My girlfriend then left me because I began pushing her away (a recurring theme in relationships of mine), even when she tried to help me I pushed her away. Maybe this was because I find it hard to accept help, maybe It is because I like to make drama for myself for attention... I don't know really. When I came clean to her about it all she gave me a look of utter disgust, disappointment, and betrayal that haunts me to this day, 4 months later. To try and get my education back on track I then joined TAFE (for anyone not an Aussie resident it is a form of tertiary education) to finish my schooling to maybe go to university one day but just as with high school I avoided the associated responsibilities until I was too far behind and now I have left that too.


For 5 months now I have been forced to confront my insecurities and all the other negatives about my personality including my need to find approval (usually through romantic relationships and social media), my tendencies to avoid anything that's not the easiest route in life, and my habit of insulting and otherwise degrading those around me to make myself feel better. My depression has jeopardised my job and all my relationships with both friends and family. I'm not sure if this is the best place to post about this kind of thing but I feel like putting my journey out there might be good for me, hold me accountable in a way and thusly force me to be more conscious of the efforts I make. So here is my challenge to myself;


For the next 30 days, until my 18th Birthday I will delete all social media platforms and other forms of immediate gratification from my phone and block them from my computer. I will, in the next 30 days, set out to achieve the goals listed below in an effort to better myself - whatever that means.... hopefully i'll find out soon.




- Workout 6 times a week, following the regimen I have previously deserted

- Meditate daily for at least 10 minutes

- Create a list of the things that bring me true joy and explore them more

- Start a sleeping routine

- Visit the beach at least 4 times

- Hang out with friends I don't see anymore at least 6 times

- Read at least one book

- Actively spend less time watching YouTube, Netflix, etc

- Tell 10 family members I love them

- Save at least $300 from my paycheques


This is the challenge I present to myself and I hope to update this thread either daily or weekly. What do you people out there think about this? Is this "journey" I'm setting out on seem like it won't work? has anyone else done this themselves?

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Kynan, I've done challenges myself. I think for you, do it gradually instead of draconian because you could burnout quickly and not accomplish your challenges if you overwhelm yourself. It's just like a lot of people who make drastic new year's resolutions starting Jan. 2 and then after a month, they revert back to their previous bad habits all over again.


Your intentions are sincere which is commendable. Saving $300 from your paychecks is excellent. Workout diligently. However, beware of overuse injuries so be cognizant of that. Meditation is realistic. Sleeping routine is healthy and wastes less time. If you have access and time for the beach 4x, then the fresh air will do you good. Reading books is what I enjoy, too. I agree with less time on the Internet as it is a time trap. Telling your family members that you love them is a beautiful thing.


Self discipline and diligence are keys to your success. You can do this!

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Hey Kynan! Your post was around this time last year. How did your challenge go? Were you able to maintain any of these habits post day 30? Any progress on the schooling? We are rooting for you! Everyone needs a reboot like this every so often - I think it’s pretty typical to feel that way, especially given the events you described!

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