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I'm quite hurt. My ex was very clingy and demanding

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So my ex and I were together for about 8-9 months. We met at the gym. Like every relationship, the first two months felt fabulous. Then everything after that went down hill. She was very demanding to me. Always wanted me to follow her around to do her chores and such. If I didn't want to go shopping with her, she would get mad.


On my birthday, my relatives decided to come to my place last minute to celebrate it with me. My plan was to se my girlfriend later on that night at her house. She canceled her night on me because I couldn't reply as fast. She is always expecting me to be on my phone.


So she ended up splitting up with me because i'm putting my foot down on things I don't want to do anymore. Right after that, she asked for ALL her gifts back. I did give it back to her but I never asked for mine back in return. She's too immature.


I know I have messed up and made my mistakes as well. I'm not a perfect human being. But to be honest, this girl only cared about herself. She wanted me to ditch my family on christmas to spend it with her family. She wanted me to ditch my aunts birthday WHO WAS THERE ON MINE. Like it drives me crazy how selfish she is.


I told her my dream one day is to travel the world for work. She replied and tells me "don't ever come back into my life if you ever do that job. I need a lot of attention". When we got into an argument later on, I brought that up and then she says SHE DOESN"T REMEMBER. Then, she tells me she was joking. How can she be joking if she doesn't remember?


It just hurts me a lot right now and I want to get over it. I have avoided the classes she goes to at the gym to avoid seeing her.

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Bullet dodged, 100 percent.


And you know what? Somewhere in there she knows she’s a bullet. That was the “I need attention” quip. She wishes she was joking, but that is her truth, and rather than work to make her truth different she finds people who will take it. Until they can’t anymore.


You’re in a better place. Feel what you need to feel. Do some reflecting on things. This is will pass. You’ve got this.

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