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So I'm going through a lot. I have been for a while. Everything in my life is very crazy. I need my time. Like I need to build myself up otherwise honestly I'll have a mental breakdown. Like we all go through these times and right now I just need love and me.


I have this friend she just doesn't get it. Constantly texting, hounding me. I respond to her in my own time and tell her I'm busy but it give me anxiety. I try to dedicate like an hour a week to her and tell her like I've quit my job and trying to start my own business up. To which a bombards me with links and articles and gives my number to random people who then call me about my business and right now....I want to be left alone. I want to focus on my business let me get my S together then I can be emotionally available but she need stop back off. But I explain this to her but yet she constantly texts, trying to meet up, calling me everyday like 'hows it going? hows the business going? hows the business going?' I'm starting a business in a foreign country. I'm going through the legal side and licence bit. That is the most stressful part so far like I feel like crying lol and yet she's messaging me 'her cabin crew who's got chinese supplier contacts' and "I NEED to call him now" LOL I don't need a bloody supplier.


Like I appreciate the help but I feel were on two different levels and to top it off she keeps talking to me to everyone and giving my number out that so many people are now getting involved trying to 'guide' me put their 1p in when they have no business. which is fine but sometimes very patronising and negative. Like I got 'No offence but your business venture is very creative and you seem to corporate and finance to do this" its like THANKS thats just the thing I want to hear. Also I have only met her twice in my life but clearly thinks she knows me because of my friend.


For some reason her friend thinks I need her and her advice and help. I really cannot be bothered to get into a b FIGHT with my friend and her friend. But how can I in the nicest way possible tell my friend to STOP GIVING MY NUMBER TO STRANGERS. STOP talking about me and my business and hounding me with texts.

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Do you want the honest truth? If you want to succeed in business, you're going to have to have a lot more of a thicker skin than that. Your phone blowing up is the least of your problems. This is good practice for you. Take Sarah's advice about staying calm and if you need a breather, put your phone in another room of the house. I don't block people but I mute conversations. This means I don't get notifications for every hairpin reminder or message. It also means that you're in control of when you access those messages and you can read them when you have the time allotted to reading those messages/that task in your day. Your friend sounds like she's trying to help you and is excited for you. You're going to need enthusiasm like that when you start running your business. Take her enthusiasm as an inspiration and look at her strong points, learn from them and start thinking more creatively about how you can use new skills to further your business and expand your network. If you don't need suppliers, what do you need? Stay focused and don't drop the ball on small stuff like this. Learn to separate yourself from technology and use those tools to yours or your company's benefit.


Also, you don't need to dedicate a whole hour to a friendship or text messages. Reply every few days with one or two lines. That's it. You're stretching yourself too thin. Be a bit more aware of your time and again, stay focused and motivated and happy. Good luck.

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