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Girl friend dumped me


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Gf dumped me , haven't heard from her in 3 days , she loved me and said I was best bf she ever had and I was amazing , reason for dumping me was she needs to fix her self before she can fix our relationship, she had a very very bad marriage, she said she needs space to fix her self. Just confused help !!! What do I do ?

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"I need to fix myself" is the new "it's me, not you." It's a thing people will say because they tgink it will make you and maybe even them feel better. I know it's going to hurt and I know you will be wracking your brain to remember everything she ever said to you that does not make sense now. It sounds to me like she moved on too soon after her marriage failed. It's different for everyone. It's been four years since the separation for me and a time or two I thought I was ready, but I was not. Here's one way to tell if it was too soon -- if the divorce is not final, it is too soon.

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She has been out of the marriage 2-3 years now

Two to three years can be a huge difference. Ad does "out of the marriage" mean since separation or since the divorce was final? That's a biggie, too. And I have not talked to my ex in a year, but admittedly there are still feelings there. Most peopl don't just get over a marriage. There's no set timetable. I feel for you. It sucks. I know. And all of us giving you advice could be wrong. But ince you listed #3 as an option, deep down you know it might be the right option.

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I'm sorry you're hurting. Please don't take anything she's said to you personally. Don't see this experience as some kind of personal attack on who you are and your worth.


Heal yourself and realize this means you are one step close to finding your true match. Clearly fate has something else in store for you, see this challenge as a means to an end. In order to get to the person you're meant to be with, you need to shed the person that isn't right for you.


Try not to dwell and wonder if she'll come back or not. She might. She might not. Either way you need to push forward. If you got silent for a while she might even get curious and try to reach out, in that situation, you can access how you feel about the situation.


Until then, you should get excited because life just pushed you one step closer to where you need to be and that's progress.


Good luck

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Yea I won't be contacting her any more the hardest part is seeing her all over Facebook cause that how we use to chat when we together


Hide her profile on Facebook. Why torture yourself?


Normally I would say block her but I think you'll say you "can't" or you're "not ready".

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My gf message me other night and we were talking well nothing serious then she sent me this message " That’s so good 🙂 It’s definitely being a time of growth and learning. Wish granted for me I suppose, maybe I should’ve been more specific when wishing. Asked for more joyful growth rather than painful growth"


Wish granted was her breaking up with me

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The messaging went well in my eyes and a few others at least we got talking , she is the sort of person she won't ask for anything or any help and I feel that in her mind if I don't show anything towards her she will leave it. In Our relationships we had she wanted me to do not ask, to do more of lets not talk just show , how should approach this?

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Sounds like my ex, enjoying her personal growth and freedom. I'm sure she isn't coming back anytime soon, so I don't think yours is either. I'm sorry, man.

The only way she might ever come back is with time (months, maybe years... don't wait around) and her realising she wants the improved you. So improve yourself in areas you want to, and with a bit of luck those are the areas she wants you to improve in aswell. If not, someone else will want you.

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