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Bf has tagged account


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I have been with this dude for a little over a year now. I have given my all to him. I help him when he is in need. There through thick and thin. I recently found out that he has a profile on tagged. I know that this site is mainly used for dating and hookups. He told me that he only uses for flipping diamonds for money (which is something you can actually do). He says he doesn't use it for the dating side. He actually told me he had one because he found out that there was some fake profiles of him on there and he wanted them gone. He told me that he really had a real profile on there. He wanted to make sure that one was not deleted because he was making money on there. I just call bs honestly. I'm just so bothered by this and he knows it. He just seems like the type of guy who loves to have his ego boosted and having females constantly messaging him on and off the app makes him feel good about himself. He likes the fact females message him it seems. I just can't figure why he is doing this to me. Like what am I doing so bad that caused him to treat me this way. Am I ugly or something? Like what is wrong with me? I treat him good I help him when he needs me I am there. I still get treated wrong. He tells my cousin all the time that I am a good girl and tells him that its not for dating. He tells my cousin I am inspiring to him. I just don't understand why he has to stray when he jas a good girl. I communicate and he blows it off. He even deleted the hearts that he had next to my name on the phone. He thought I didn't notice. Like this really hurts me. Why is he doing this. I feel like it's all my fault. If I looked better I wouldn't get treated this way.

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If it really is a dating site......I'm not familiar with it.........yeah, that's bad for him to have a profile there.


You can talk about it, and/or go to counseling. If that does not work, there is always tough love. Get your own dating profile and let's see how he feels when the shoe is on the other foot.

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First of all, stop saying 'like.' :)


What kinds of messages are these women sending him, and how are you able to see them? And who would buy diamonds on a hook-up site????


Look, he thinks you're a good girl and he thinks you're inspiring to him. What's so terrible about his messaging people on this site?

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Girl you need to get some help with your self-esteem. The fact that you blame your self entirely for the fact that he is losing interest in you while in the same breath you claim you can and have done no wrong in the relationship is a huge red flag.


Being there through thick and thin doesn't really mean anything in the bigger picture... it doesn't make you a better person and isn't going to make him like you more. The only thing that will make you truly happy and confident at the end of the day is investing in yourself... and you can start doing this by seeing this for what it is, that your BF is cheating on you and not even trying to hide it.

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Unfamiliar with the app and the profit potential of flipping whatever tokens it uses. You either believe he's using it for that or you don't. Wouldn't blame you either way. Either way, vote with your feet. None of us can tell you what's going on in his head.

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Doing everything for a lousy cheater doesn't make you a good girl, it makes you a doormat.


Please don't delude yourself with this idea that if only you can be prettier, do more, be better, a dude won't cheat. Cheaters cheat. If you don't want to be cheated on, then don't keep staying with a cheater, raise your standards, expect more from a man and find one who can deliver. Don't cling to losers and dump cheaters the second you uncover their deceit. Be sure that dating cheaters and losers isn't your dating pattern and if it is, take a long time out and get your head screwed on straight about who is and isn't a good man and how to know the difference.

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For me, the fact he's the type who loves to soak up attention wherever he can get it would be enough to say bye-bye. You don't have to have ' evidence' to break up with someone. If it's not what you want anymore, for whatever reasons, that's enough.


Second thing is his choices in life are not a reflection on your nor your attractiveness. You are going to gravitate to the trouble makers if you think it does! That has to be sorted pronto.

He does what he does because he's a seperate person with his own motivations. He isn't there simply to validate you. You have to validate yourself!

It doesn't matter what qualities you have, some people out there are going to act in ways you won't like. Again, not about you but them.


Good luck

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Instead of asking yourself (or us) what is wrong with you. Sit down with yourself and tell yourself what is wrong with him. From where I'm sitting, just about everything about him and his BS words is what is wrong with him. No one goes on a dating site to do anything other then date or hookup.


Wizen up, sista. Get rid of him. He may think you're a "good girl" but he's more likely then not keeping the "bad girls" (good grief) in his life for a reason.

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How did you find this out? Never be a doormat and martyr by doing this type of stuff "have given my all to him, help him when he is in need. There through thick and thin". You do not own this guy and he can be on social media sites. People can cheat on Whatsapp, FB, IG, SC, you name it. It is not specifically a "hookup site" however like anything else it could be used for that.


That means you are heavily over investing and basically in a relationship by yourself and smothering him. This martyr victim mentality gives you a sense of entitlement as if he "owes you". However when you volunteer to be a smothering doormat, no one "owes you" anything. Worry less about monitoring his online activity and more about your victim/martyr problem.

I recently found out that he has a profile on tagged. I know that this site is mainly used for dating and hookups.
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I'd tell BF that I adore him and wouldn't presume to tell him what apps he can use. However, I'm commitment material, and his profile on a dating app doesn't fit with my definition of commitment. So he can go play all the diamonds--or even all of the women--he wants, and I'm walking away while we both still think highly of one another. If he ever gets attention-seeking on dating apps out of his system and is free and clear of those, he can let me know. If I'm still available then, maybe we can meet to catch up. Until then, I wish him the best.


Then I'd be off to heal and find someone more suitable and trustworthy for a relationship. If ex ever wants to catch up, I'd probably pass on that given that he's already proven himself to be untrustworthy.


Life is too short.

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