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My boyfriend blocked me


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Hi. I met a guy on badoo and we hit it off. We chatted for the next 3 weeks via video messages etc and were excited about meeting up. The weekend he had his kids he changed. He was quiet etc and I asked him had he changed his mind and he said no but so.ething didn't feel right. I didn't hear much from him and he said he was busy and I was making him angry by questioning him and not trusting him. It escalated and he blocked me. 10 days later he unblocked me and apologised and said he got scared and we worked it out. We chatted for the next 2 weeks and were excited about meeting and we did and got on fab. We chatted again until our next date but the day before he was due to travel to me he said his mot failed. I thought it was very coincidental and he went quiet again. I asked him what was wrong and he accused me of not trusting him AGAIN. He said he was hungover and been sick and he couldn't text me. It got bad again and he broke up cos he said I didn't trust him. The next day he said his dad's dementia is getting worse and he won't be able to move here in the future if we stayed together. I said the next day if u don't see a future with me then block me and that's exactly what he did. Im heartbroken. Do u think he got scared again or is this it? I'm holding on to the hope hel unblock me again like the last time

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I think you're putting the cart before the horse and you do seem to carry a bit of an anxious vibe. Dating is all about vibes... at that stage, you really shouldn't be bombarding anyone via text or phone calls about missed lines of communication etc. Learn to take a hint when someone's busy and back off a little. One missed message is enough. Let the other person come back to you and fill in the gaps or tell you their story later on.


I don't think he got scared, per say. I think you're offputting (sorry). Let it go and live and learn.

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It's clear from what you are writing that he isn't that into you... the fact that he continually goes quiet and then gets angry when you question him is a big clue here.


It's also clear that you expected too much too soon from him. Questioning his every move, declaring that he is your boyfriend, accusing him of wrong doing, after meeting in person just once? Just no.

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How can he be your bf if you only went on one date. That makes no sense.


It has been drama from the start, I do not understand why you pursued anything after the date.


Have you dated before? Your behaviour was odd and obsessive.

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