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Weird eye contact that was not intentional


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So we work in a co-working space with people from different companies. The last few weeks I've been sitting in a particular area of the building and doing my work.


The seat is such that when anyone passes by, it's natural to look up /look at them. There was this guy who sits there and we ended up glancing at each other way too many times because he kept walking past me. I was feeling really awkward about it.


Later that evening I saw him from a distance and our eyes instantly met for a few seconds and he kept looking so I just looked away.


The next day, I almost felt like he walked past me a little more. I did everything possible to be normal and not look up as much but probably was a bit awkward. We later bumped into each other at the parking and we just blankly looked at each other. He is pretty cute.


To avoid the awkwardness (plus I had a lot of work so couldn't afford distractions) I sat elsewhere for a few days. Today, again our eyes met from a distance as I was walking to the exit. I'm usually the one to look away. It's been a week of this now...😂


Does he think I like him 🤦♀️

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He might very well be oblivious to the fact that you like him.

It’s very clear you to us that you like him. He happens to pass your desk a few times a day , so why did you move desk?

Are you obsessing over him to the point where you are waiting on him to walk past your desk? Because I can’t see why else you would move desk.

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None of this makes any sense to me. Are you forbidden to talk to one another? If somebody was passing by me all day long, and worked in the same area with me, I'd probably start saying "hello" or something. There are people at my workplace whom I only see a couple of times a month, but I recognize them and acknowledge them with some cordial respect, not just looking at them blankly. That is so awkward. He might think you're giving him death glares. He might be thinking "What is this chick's problem with me?"

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