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Mixed signals. I can’t tell if he likes me or not.

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So this guy is really confusing me!!


Things he did when we used to meet during my training:


1. He puts a LOT of effort to help me out with ANYTHING I need

2. He is always around me and wants me to notice him by passing or showing up in front of me. If he knew I'm going to a certain place I know I will find him there

3. He likes to talk to me and often says hi to me when he sees me somewhere, even if he was with his friends (he's not shy as you can see, very outgoing)

4. He gave me his number (he did not give his number to my female friends in the other team - he once wanted to send them an article and he asked me to send it to them)



Anyways.. I REALLYY like this guy!


I finished my training and he moved to another company, but although he has my number, he barely talks to me! Only pops up on Whatsapp once every 2 months when he has some good news or job offers for me (cuz I’m currently jobless and he wants to bring me to his company).


When I talk to him he is still the same friendly guy who likes to tease me, but he never puts any effort to make the conversation going! He just replies to my questions in few words and that’s it! He even leaves me on ‘read’ sometimes! And of course, he rarely calls me and when he does, he hangs up really quick. Our conversation lasts for 10-15 mins only, he’s really sweet and nice to me but always straight to the point, never talks about personal life whatsoever.


If you think he might be busy with work, that is not true. He told me that everyday after 3 pm he has absolutely nothing to do.


So I don’t get him. Why did he show a lot of interest in the beginning if he doesn’t like me?

And whenever I try to make a move he seems like he doesn't care..!


I’m so confused...

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Don't be confused. When someone is interested, he makes an effort to keep in contact.


The 'interest' that he showed to you was no more than he showed to his other friends, I'm guessing. You're reading too much in his behavior. If he doesn't even care to contact you when he has nothing to do, that should tell you everything. Move on.

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Because he moved to another country?

It's really not that confusing.


If he's not responsive now, then consider this done.


He moved to another company, not another country! Though I agree that he would have made a move by now, if he was interested.

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Confusion = not getting the outcome you want. You are clear that he is social, this is what he does. Maybe you are so interested that you keep hoping there is more to this limited contact from him or you are not used to guys being friendly at all towards you. Either way, when a male is interested in more, his actions can not be confused as those of an acquaintance. It would be good for you to use the advice of seeking out someone who is interested in dating you, that person isn't him.

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