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Back and neck pain

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I'm needing some advice. I'm 50yrs old, and I have chronic back and neck pain. I have a reverse curve in my neck that is almost straight. This results in a lot of neck pain, stiffness, and headaches. I also have a sacrum joint injury. It pushes to the right. I have one hip that is higher than the other .Standing for long periods of time causes my back to lock up. I also have ribs that dont stay in place. I go to a chiropractor once a week for treatments. I have not worked in several years because of this. I have always worked in retail. My chiropractor resently said to try and apply for disability. The problem is, my husband is now having health problems and I feel that I need to be out there making some kind of income. I was hoping someone could give me some advice.

Thank you.

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Is surgery an option?i had a disc Replacement last year and it was one of the best things I ever did for myself I am also in the service industry and on my feet a lotI would highly recommend looking into surgery if you can . If that is not a possibility and I will look into the disability or at least partial disability because it does sound like you have a good case.

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You need a complete work up by a physician. Not all back/neck pain is musculoskeletal in nature. At 50 a cardiac work up is appropriate. What you describe could be anything from cardiovascular problems to autoimmune problems such as rheumatoid arthritis to any number of organic problems such as diabetes, reflux, kidney or lung disease etc. You can continue with the chiropractor if it helps, but do not replace that with appropriate medical intervention.

I'm 50yrs old, and I have chronic back and neck pain. I go to a chiropractor once a week for treatments.
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Manipulation of an diseased or unsupported spine can damage the spinal cord/nervous system.

The temporary relief that comes from it is usually soon overcome by it's chief enemy; gravity.


See a orthopedic surgeon to cure what ails you.

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I'd find a doctor who can offer you some treatment options beyond what you're doing now. Surgery or other procedures may be an option.


The problem with chiropractic work without also getting medical massage is that the muscles aren't being trained to let go of the old pattern, so they keep misaligning the bones. If you add massage, your alignments will have more staying power and healing can occur. See what kind of combo options your chiropractor can offer, and if this doc doesn't offer massage on site or the offer isn't affordable, consider finding a chiropractor who can work with you on the right combo.


I'd apply for disability because the process takes a long time. If you're able to work before then, you can disrupt the claim to do that, but of not, you'll at least have the process underway for some income. You don't need to view it as a forever thing, but rather as a supplement to help you while you're trying to find a recovery option.

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I have neck and back pain, too.


Try replacing your pillow. My pillow has a dip in the middle so the neck is supported. When you sleep on your side, have a pillow for your arm and another pillow for your knee or one big, long pillow for both.


Consciously improve your posture. Whenever I catch myself slouching whether standing or sitting, I straighten up and it helps decrease pain later.


Also, change your diet. Carbs and sugar cause a lot of pain and inflammation not to mention bloat and weight gain. Extra pounds are extra pressure and burdens on your joints which decreases your cartilage. Whenever I change my diet, exercise, drink a lot of water and take better care of my health, my aches 'n pains decrease. Dehydrated joints cause pain, too. Make tweaks to your lifestyle because every little bit helps.


Wear shoes with outstanding cushioning support such as running shoes. Replace soles with gel sole inserts for more comfort for standing and walking.


Stretch upon awaking everyday and throughout the day to remain flexible and to prevent stiffness.

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Any 50 y/o with back and neck pain needs a cardiac work up. Chiropractors are not physicians. They can not do mammograms, colonoscopies, EKGs blood tests, etc. All things anyone at age 50 should have screening tests for. How do you know you don't have cardiac or lung or gastrointestinal or other problems?


How do you know it's not bone metastases from breast cancer or colon cancer? How do you know it isn't cardiovascular disease? A chiropractor who tells you "your ribs won't stay in place", certainly doesn't sound ethical enough to refer you for appropriate care and seems to just want to keep profiting from such quack "diagnoses"..

I also have ribs that dont stay in place.
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