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I made a mistake


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So theres this girl I've been talking to for the past couple of weeks. And we've been hitting it off since. We both share attraction and started to open up more to each other. One day I accidentally said something that made her quite uncomfortable and there was a time where we stopped talking. I apologised after saying I shouldn't have said that and she accepted. But we don't talk anymore. She was a real catch. Like, I'm attracted to intelligent women. But right now I messed up and I don't wanna devalue myself by messaging her back, by making myself seem desperate.

What do you guys think?

I still enjoy my life and go on with my day but at night I just feel kinda lost and having the feeling of "what if" like " what if we were together, what if i didn't say that"

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Thanks for sharing chankm235. It rhymes well, but in most circles , even as a tongue in cheek joke, it's a dead art form. She likely perceived it as needy and awkward.


You learned your lesson the hard way.

Next time you will need to be more "cool" and confident. Something you will learn from experience. No batter hits the ball the first few times, but eventually a home run will happen!

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Have you met in person? You apologized and that's all you can do. Was the comment sexual in nature?

So theres this girl I've been talking to for the past couple of weeks. I just feel kinda lost and having the feeling of "what if" like " what if we were together, what if i didn't say that"
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Rose's are red and I miss you, I wish you were here so i can kiss you

NO it's not cringe worthy. It's sweet.


I could understand if you had been a letch and been talking all sexual or being crude but what you wrote is sweet and I don't know why she would be offended by it.


If she only seen you as a friend all she had to do was tell you she just wanted to be friends. But you did nothing wrong and don't listen to anyone who tells you that you did or tries to shame you.


They're wrong.


It's possible she wasn't looking for a romantic relationship. It happens, but don't blame yourself.

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I'm VERY confused as to why, if the interest was really mutual, she stopped talking to you after you said something romantic like that? Don't be embarrassed. Yes, it's a little cheesy, but we're all a little cheesy when we have to be romantic, but as others have already said, it was sweet, also. My response to her reaction is, "What's wrong with her?!" because if a guy I liked said that to me, I'd be smiling all day; a FEW days, even. Either she didn't like you as much as you thought she did, or she doesn't like lines that sound "typical" like that, but if she really did like you, I don't think she would have stopped talking to you. It's sad that you even had to apologize for saying something nice to a girl you think likes you! It sounds so strange just thinking up that sentence as I'm typing it.


But my advice is, for your own closure, don't feel like you look desperate contacting her one more time to see what's up. You're a man - go after the woman you want! Say what's on your mind about this, like what you're thinking to us but to her instead and see what she says, if anything. The only way to stop those thoughts at night that go on in your mind about the what if's is to be honest about your thoughts and feelings; is putting your heart on your sleeve. You have to risk it all to be able to move forward. Her response will let you know whether the situation should be closed or not. And if she says nothing, then it's a no-go, but you probably knew that already.

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'If a guy sent me that, and I liked him, I would have liked it. It's not what you said, it's that it came from the wrong person, for her. She doesn't like you like that. Sorry.'




Agree. From someone you don't fancy in the slightest - ugh, cringe. From someone you're totally into: awww sweeetneeessss.

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If she thought he was cool and really liked him, she would have loved what he said! I say mushy stuff like that sometimes......... but I'm funny and masculine, 6 feet tall with a deep dark radio-type voice and could get away with murder!


I thought what he said was very nice-nice! - see what I mean?!

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