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I understand the break up but its not helping me feel any better


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Iv been with this woman for nearly a year. During that year her ex has been relentless and a bit of nightmare to her because of their break up. Weve had a really amazing relationship but she has struggled at times because of her emotional attachments to her ex as they were together for 16 years, 2 kids and a house.

She thought that it wasnt right for us to continue as emotionally she was getting confused. She says she hasnt lost any feelings for me but still has emotional attachments to her ex and wants to try and work things out in her own head. I get what shes saying but from my point of you this woman meant the world to me and im feeling horrible because of it.

Has anyone had any experiences with these sorts of things and could help me understand what could or may happen?

Thanks in advance 😀

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yeah.. she isn't over him. she's confused. she isn't ready for a relatoinships with anybody regardless of her feelings.

sure you want her - but it takes 2 to make a relatioships.


until she clears her head and is ready - there s no relationship possible here. give her space and time and in the meantime explore otehr things (other dates, other hobbies, whatever). if and when she's ready and she is still interested she'll come back to you. if not - and ti's very possible she won't - then hopefully you've moved on by then.


my recommendation is that you prepare to move on... now.

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