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Responses from professionals regarding working visa


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Help! I really don't know what to do. I am offered a job which i really do like it very much in another country far away from mine.

Everything went perfect in the interview except for my working visa. I think they didn't like that much that I do need a visa to work there.

It sucks because if it wasn't for that I could have had that job. Now I am making a research about what it needs to be done from their part.


They just need like 2-3 documents which don't take very long, I think and also they need to pay a tax which is a considerable high amount around 600Euros.

They told me they would review the part of the visa and will come back with a decision. Do you think I should offer to pay that tax by myself?? Maybe that would be something they wouldn't consider to pay for somebody they would hire. Or is that something that all the companies can do and no need for me to offer this. They haven't asked for this yet, but Im just thinking if I could offer this previously than taking any negative response from them.


At the end of the day the service is beneficial both sides, so they also get services from me, but the idea is that I dont have any previous experience , so I doubt any other company would offer me a job like this and pay all that amount for me. Im pretty rational tho.


I really need that job. Please some responses from somebody who has had other experiences like this.


In my country this is a whole monthly salary but I can borrow it from my family, I find it worthy.


Thank You!!

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I have a valid work visa in an EU country, OP. I have worked for the same company here for 6 years now.


Some companies are not willing to sponsor foreign employees. I am fortunate that my employer was, and has continued to do so for me. While I have always been responsible for actually collecting the relevant documents from my employer and processing the work visa application (and subsequent renewals) myself, my company has never asked me to give them money to continue to sponsor me. I can't say I know of any company who has asked my fellow expat friends to do so, either.


A lot of this depends on where you are in the EU and what type of company you want to work for. I would strongly suggest looking for a reliable immigration lawyer in the area and getting a consultation. One of the best things I have done for myself as an expat here was to hire a good lawyer; she informed me about the work visa application process in this country, what my rights were, and what my employer had the right to ask me for (and what they didn't) I would not offer your potential employer money unless and until you know the exact amount, as stipulated by law, and have it written in your work contract that you assumed the cost for it. Otherwise, the risk is that you will hand over your money and still not have a job to show for it.


PM if you want more suggestions. My advice may or may not be relevant, depending on where you are, but I have walked this walk for 6 years now. I feel your frustration!

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why do you "need" this job?


i would let them investigate and see what they offer. don' offer anything until they offer something.

even at that i would negotiate and try to get as much as you can - if they won't take care of yoru visa, let's say, ask for more money or an upfront check for "relocation expenses" - which can include "help to pay a deposit or 1st/last on a lease" so you can find a place nearby t omake it convenient for work (which they can realize makes you more accessible to them for work needs).


so don't worry. if they like you and want you - they will come up with some type of offer at which point you should haggle to get a better deal. (it's just a matter of finding a middle ground then).

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