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Which is the best option to not look rude


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Hello, I was looking for some professional advice in google and I found out this forum. This is my first question here I am in a situation like this. I had a practice in a company in my city and in my last day there I had a talk with my supervisor and told him that I would like to have any job opportunity there.


He was positive about that and told me that the company would be opened for that. So I sent him my CV as I was told. For the moment I am unemployed since the practice ended. Some weeks after, my supervisor emailed me telling me that he already sent my application to the central branch of the company and he was positive that they may hire me, but again he told me he would write to me s soon as he has a response from them. Now one month has passed after that email and I have got no response.


I am sure that they are a very serious company, so no doubt they will tell me either if the response is positive or negative. And also the company is a really good one and I had a great experience so it is worth waiting for some time. BUT... the problem is I need a job as soon as possible.

So I am home, unemployed and I am still waiting if they do agree to invite me for an interview/hire me.


Meanwhile I got an invitation for interview from a second company I have applied previously to. Now I am a bit confused since I don't want to look rude to anyone of them.


1. Should I write to my supervisor to ask him if I could proceed with something else?

2. Should I tell the second company that I am interested for the interview but I am still waiting for another response from another company?

3. Should I take the second interview and not tell anybody anything (but consider also the consequences I may look rude to the first company, since it was me who asked them to work there).



Thank you! I hope this fulfills teh rules of a post here.

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Yo do not have to tell any potential employer about any job interviews or job applications you may have elsewhere. That's none of their business.

My guess is the "practice" employer is not interested. But it's okay to inquire and ask what the status of it is.

continue looking for other options ALL THE TIME and apply and interview. No need to tell anybody else.


You do not owe anyting to them (just as you are seeing they dont' feel obligated to you).


They haven't committed to you - therefore you have no committment to them or need to ask "for their permission" regarding other opportunities.

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Reasonable! But let´s say I am accepted by another company, should I talk to them and notify or just let things as they are? Thanks


If you know for sure you will LOVE Job Offer #1 and company and never want to move or leave it, you can then alert Employer #2 that you are withdrawing. But I always recommend to LET other employers pursue you because yo never know what they may offer. What if you took Job #1 and the day before Job #2 is going to make you an offer of double the money, you tell Job #2 "i've decided to go elsewhere"? Why do that to yourself?


I can promise that any company out there (including the 2 potential employers you are talking to) are talking to multiple candidates to compare and get the best (or cheapest) person for them and their situation - why can't you do the same? Jobs are not like relationships. It is ok and just expected that if you are looking for a job you are looking and talking to multiple potential jobs.


So don't worry about it for now. Just go get every job offer you can and thus pick the best one. Continually receiving job offers ALSO is a terrific negotiations tool to keep your CURRETN employer in check and make sure you get deserved raises and promotions.


EX. I doubled my pay in 2 yrs when I came back to IT because i was open and always listening to interested parties who wanted my services. Do you know how long it would take to double your pay if you stayed at the same job with the same company? I dont' think ANYBODY ends up getting double pay in their lifetime if they stay within the same job. Why would i want to keep myself from doubling my pay? The employers need YOU. Make sure they realize that and tatke care of you for letting them have your services.


good luck by the way!

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I can guarantee your supervisor is well aware you're not staking your very livelihood exclusively on that one single job prospect. I'm assuming he's reasonable enough to assume you're not just sitting there next to the phone, twiddling your thumbs with a smile as another month a rent becomes due, waiting for him to call and let you know you're officially in. Dude would probably be more surprised you actually haven't started working somewhere else yet, never mind that you're just now going to an interview with someone else after however many weeks / months.

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You interview for any company interested. You are not tied to anyone.

You take advantage of all opportunities in the meantime and when the time comes to make a commitment, you do.

But until otherwise informed, you are a free agent and do not need to disclose anything to anyone.


Trust me.

Employers are looking out for their best interest and will set you aside in a heartbeat if needed.

The only one looking out for your best interest, should be you.

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I still feel a bit confused. Is it rude to tell a company after an interview that you are not interested anymore if they want to hire? Also what about canceling an interview if I have arranged it but I am accepted by another company? Which one is worse to cancel the interview or to have it and notify later?

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