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Please read this crazy story and tell me if I am losing my mind...


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Last night my ex boyfriend came over and we hung out and had some drinks together.... both got pretty drunk. That was mistake number 1 but the breakup is so fresh and it's been hard to let go for both of us.


So... a neighbor in my apartment complex has been causing a lot of drama with a lot of the tenants where I live. Sunday night I took my dog out to pee and one of the tenants and I had a quick talk about how we are sick of her and sick of our washing machine not working... and that we were both going to talk to management.

Back to last night. The tenant I was talking to showed up at my door about 12am. I had no idea who it was, so I asked my ex to answer the door. The guy handed me his number on a piece of paper and told me the washing machine is getting replaced.


Ex and I start arguing awhile later about relationship problems... and he decides to leave. I fell asleep on the couch. Heard him come back in the house 3 times shuffling around the cabinets and stuff... like he was looking for something. He accused me of taking his phone... which I didn't do, so I made him leave my house. He kicked my door and broke the frame. .


About 15 minutes later I get a text message from him saying that he came inside my house and I wasn't there. He said that he felt the couch and looked in mine and my daughters bedroom and I was not there. He said I left my house and left my daughter home alone. I did NOT and NEVER would.


He said I left and went to have sex with my neighbor. He is 100% convinced that he came into my house and I was not there. It's to the point where he has me feeling like I am crazy and maybe I was so drunk that I was sleepwalking.


I feel like he is driving me insane! I don't even know how to respond to this. I am confused and at a loss for words. What on earth to do here??? Block him and never speak to him again? He is my ex for a reason. He was a liar and a cheater. But I do NOT like being accused of something so bizarre.

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If you're going to go thru life caring about what others think or accuse you of - well.. then you're just going to have to be crazy the rest of your life.

If on the other hand, you only give weight to those that are in your inner circle (ex's don't count) and just deflect what everybody else thinks - you'll have a better life.


Are you losing your mind? Yes.. for letting your ego/pride get in the way of what others think or accuse you of. YOU know you didn't do it - that should be enough. You dont' have to prove or maintain any image (of honesty, sincerity, etc.) to anybody.


You tell him once - "no i did not.. " and if he aint gonna believe it he aint. Screaming at him or hating that he thinks it - won't change his mind once he makes up his mind - RIGHT OR WRONG.


let it go.

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No... she is my daughter from a previous marriage. I did not allow this to happen. I kicked him out as soon as he got out of control. He got in the last time because he found my spare key. He was NEVER like this. It started when I broke up with him.

" He is my ex for a reason. He was a liar and a cheater."" That was mistake number 1 "


Yes, you did expose your daughter to unnecessary drama when you let him in the house and decided to get drunk with him.


And personally, no male neighbor of mine would be knocking on my door at midnight to hand me his phone number so we discuss the washing machine?


Not with my child in the house.


I'm 32, hes 24.. I met my boyfriend of 7 months while working as a stripper. He was also a stripper.

Sorry, I don't mean to judge, but I think I just did.

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Is he normally that aggressive and paranoid?


I would block him and keep it that way. He is not someone I would let back in my house again, and I would also change the locks. He's shown you he doesn't really care about bulldozing over your boundaries and lashing out.


No... he has NEVER been aggressive or paranoid. This is the first time I have ever seen him act this way. Either way, I have someone coming tomorrow morning for the locks.

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Is he the father of your daughter?


He seems crazy and violent. How did he get into your apartment several times? Does he have the keys? Were you with him drinking with the child in the house too?


If he's not the father of the child I'd delete and block and cut all contact with him and if he comes back acting violent again I'd call the police and try to get a restraning order as he seems to be a danger to you and your child.


Also, like many cheaters do he's accusing you of stuff (projecting) and trying to turn you into the bad guy. In the first place you shouldn't be hanging out with your ex drinking and discussing the end of the relationship. You talk about the relationship and seek support from a friend you trust, not an ex. Exes are not meant to hold our hand during break up and help us cope. Exes, especially liars and cheaters like him are supposed to be out of our life for good so that we can heal and move on.

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Your safety and that of your child is the most important thing right now. After the locks are changed be extra cautious when leaving home or work or anytime for that matter. I am sure he know where your daughter goes to school so make sure you talk to her and let her know that this guy is not a friend any longer and she shouldn't talk to him, accept a ride from him or anything.


If he suddenly changed it sounds like drugs. Has he ever used meth?



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