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Yikes you need proper sex Ed ASAP!


I'm guessing you live somewhere that it was not taught in school?


Let's dispel a few myths shall we?


First: oral sex is sex. It's not penis in vagina intercourse but it's still a form of sex. If it wasn't then gay men would all be virgins.


Second: You can't get pregnant from a blow job but you sure as heck can get a nasty STD so protect yourself no matter what.


Third: sperm does live for days inside the vagina but it doesn't live in your mouth and even if it did, it's not connected to your uterus. Swallowing semen will not impregnate you.


Fourth: if you aren't comfortable talking about sex using the proper terms (penis, vagina etc) then you're not ready to be having sex.


Fifth: Find a clinic. Get some birth control. ALWAYS use condoms no matter what. Don't rely on self control to save you.

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