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Withdrawal from a relationship attachment

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I’m having a difficult time with the withdrawal. I feel so restless. I am still emotionally holding on to the good memories of the past. I have an urge to check what he’s doing (that’s why I deleted my FB app). Even though the relationship was short, the withdrawal is still hard. Just sharing it here for emotional release.

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It is hard and I'm truly sorry you're going through that. I know exactly how it feels.

I was in a very intense emotional and physical relationship with a woman and we fell in love with each other very deeply. After about 6 months she decided to end things and stepped away from our relationship because she was trying to "figure things out." We still remained in occasional contact for a while, but she changed and went from very loving/affectionate to almost cold and very distant.

I went through all stages of loss....denial, depression, anger, sadness, etc. It hurt...like a part of my heart left with her. We've been in no contact for over two months and it has helped heal. It does get better with time, but there are still days where I feel sad and heartbroken.

Focus on yourself, your goals, and be with those who love and support you.

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Focus on this: " Though we both know this relationship isn’t the “one” for us because of our many incompatibilities with what we want for our future"


Next time, do not continue to waste tome on someone where you know there is no future.


Terrible that he ghosted you!


Keep yourself super-busy. It takes time.

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It’s been up and down. And there are days I oversleep and don’t feel like getting out of bed. There are times when I am able to feel joy and gratitude.


It feels surreal that I’ve blocked him and he’s really out of my life. Still missing him. Still anxious. Still feeling heartbroken. Just taking it day by day.

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Have you considered some short term therapy for support? Short term therapy addresses a specific event and adjustment just as short term physical therapy addresses a specific injury. You don't even need to have a lot of problems or underlying complex issues. just as physical therapy for a torn cartilage is briefer and more specific than treatment for more complex overall problems such as a stroke.

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Just taking it day by day.

Sorry for your pain Audrey*


It's been over 15 months since my wife left and I still miss her....and probably will for the rest of my days....or a long time to come anyway....


But day by day is all you need do....Eventually you will be back out in the sunlight again*



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Tell me about it! It's been 6 month since my BU and even this morning, driving to work, the memory of the first time I came with my x to visit his family popped up in my head. It's hard aknowledging the fact that right now his actions kind off ruined the memories. And after I felt super down and blue. I just have to feel the emotion and let it go...


A smart guy I talked to once said: "Never listen to the brain! The brain is crazy! The brain doesn't distinguish between truth and fantasy, the brain just reacts! And then we're left to deal with whatever emotion the brain desides is better suited for the lie/truth/fantasy/crazy though, and that just ain't a good strategy for coping with anything!"


It's kinda true. It't horrbile for me to think about him with HER, what they're doing right now (probably hot, passionate sex you know...), and it makes me feel desperatly sad and lonely. But the fact is, they might not even be together right now!


Hang in there! I'm hanging with you!

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