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Hello guys, so recently I been doing really good. I don’t cry anymore and I actually been feeling better about everything. I’m going to start school really soon, which is exciting. So yesterday my brother got married and I invited my friends to come and celebrate with us at a bar and they were excited about it. So, when we got there they called me and told me they didn’t like the music so they went to another bar and just told me to have fun. I felt a little upset but do I really have a reason to be. I don’t know why I put myself into this funk and just think everybody is just going to walk out my life. I been feeling like being alone is the best option because I don’t want to feel pain anymore. What do y’all think? I’m I thinking wrong ?

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Well, since they did come all the way down to the bar, it seems that they did want to join in on the fun. But maybe they really didn't like the music and went to another bar. I guess you could have joined them at the other bar if you wanted to.


But you were with family and friends yourself. Wasn't that good enough?


You're just still in that funk from your boyfriend who betrayed you. You have the power to get yourself out of it. You have to decide when you've grieved enough.

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