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I think you're doin' fine bud*


If we at least 'try' our best to move on that's all that we need to do.



Thank you so much.


I have to admit, figureitout's comments, while harsh, pushed me to not think about her at all this week and it's mostly worked. If I've ever caught myself starting to think about her kids or her, I stop the thoughts and say I made the decisions I made, that's the way it is, and I was right to leave. I may have hurt people, but my life goes on and so does theirs.


And it does. You can't step forward while having even one toe in the past. One day, hopefully sooner than later, I'll either not think about her at all, or think about her the same way as I think of all my previous exes - as an empty thought, where it doesn't affect me whether they're happy or not. They are just another person I used to know.


Yesterday my parents wanted to meet me for dinner near my ex's place - near the martial arts school we used to train at, where most of our mutual friends were. After dinner I drove past the school and wanted to drop in to say hi, but I realized that was another life. I have to let that all go. If they hate me, they hate me. While I miss them, I can't control their impressions of me, if that makes any sense.

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Good for you Seymore. I know I come off harsh and brash, I just hate to see people encouraged to go in circles. We all need that time to be still, to wallow, to be sad, but it’s shouldnt envelope us forever. I hope you don’t think my comments come from a place of judgement or mean spiritedness. There are times we need to take care of ourselves and there are time we gotta kick ourselves in he butt.

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