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There's a reason these guys are always "deployed" or work in "professions" that take them overseas...it's because of the time difference...they are in Nigeria, and they absolutely cannot be in a position they can be available to meet or even talk on the phone.


There is a reason they won't talk on the phone or facetime. It's because you're probably conversing with more than one person "on shift" and when you talk to them, there will be a very clear accent that will not be able to be explained away, and the picture on the profile is something they pilfered from the internet.


Lies are incredibly difficult to keep track of, especially when you have more than one person "working the script." This is why these guys never get really personal. They shower you with talks of love and marriage, but you have yet to figure out anything personal about them, their past, their memories. You can ask them about their home town "back home," and given they live in another country, they have no idea what you're talking about, let alone the culture or lingo. They write paragraphs about love and you are "the one," but you have no idea if they ever had a dog or a goldfish growing up or a crazy aunt or stupid stuff they did in high school. A lot of them claim to have been sent to boarding school, so normal interactions that most of us experienced growing up are automatically out the window.


This guy has solicited money out of you on multiple occasions. Warning signs abound. Block and delete. It's a scam.

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