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What I can do to let she forget her old friend?


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Look man, nobody who is dating anyone else should ever have to deal with that. I myself have had to deal with talks about ex's and even though it was never quite like your situation it made me feel small and as though I wasnt good enough. If she really cared about you in the way that she should, she wouldnt even want to talk to this guy, because she wouldnt think about anybody but you. It all sounds kinda harsh but its the truth....Good luck

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Hi Steven,


I understand how you feel and I tend to go by Sotro's opinion. However, there is one 'but': it looks beside the point to me.


The way I suggest you to think, is this: The only obligation YOU have in life, is the obligation for YOU to be happy. If YOU are not happy, YOU cannot make someone else happy.


With that line, all is said, because if she is not making you happy with what she is doing to you, you have to take charge and control over your own situation and life. If it doesn't feel good to me, I would start to talk to my woman and try to get things resolved. I would vary sweet words and compliments with words of concerns and questions. Eventually my woman would understand my concerns and I will decide upon her answer. If that means I have to let go, I will let go.


I hope this helped for you... good luck!


~ SwingFox ~

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