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So my girlfriend thinks I'm bored when we go places.


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A lot of times when we go out to places, she gets in a funk thinking I'm not having fun. She says my face looks bored or that I appear to not be having a good time.


Not true!


In all my adult dating years, no woman has ever said this to me. I literally have no idea at how I should try to approach this. I've thought acting lessons and maybe some research on how to work on my body language.


Well that's it. Any feedback or advice?

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I have friends who are very vocal when excited about something. They dance, scream or laugh really loudly, just to give you a visual. Other friends of mine are much more reserved when showing interest, but that doesn't mean they aren't enjoying themselves. It's simply not in their nature to express themselves loudly.


My guess is she mistakes your reserved (for lack of a better word) attitude with boredom. Perhaps you could be a smidgen more vocal when showing interest?

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i agree.


many people show their enthusiasm and appreciation with tireless exclamation about how everything is the best ever.


personally, i cannot help feeling like i'm accompanied by a chimp high on drugs and vapid bimbocity.


i'd be more than tolerant of the way someone shows excitement if i loved many things about them, but not about their insistence on my subdued reactions being negative, much less about being constantly "confronted" for them.


if she refuses to understand it's in your nature to be more discreet, i'd think you taking up lessons on how to contort your face and body into a grotesque show of "happyhappyhappy" to appease her sensationalist fixation is a waste of your time to say the least.

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The two of you don't sound compatible. If she's unable to enjoy you 'as is,' then what should that tell you about her?


I wouldn't jump through hoops for anyone who doesn't own the capacity to 'see' and appreciate my unique value. I'd rather skip them and hold out for simpatico with someone who 'gets' me.


Head high, you're fine the way you are.

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