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My best friend just confessed to me and I don't know what do to.


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My best friend confessed her feelings for me but I have a very hard time telling her how I feel. I think I like her too.

Just before she confessed to me I said I didn't really like anyone because she asked who my "secret crush" was. I never say anything cause I don't want to ruin our friendship, but now that she wants distance to get over me I'm in a really bad spot. The case doesn't get better because she lives out of town and is travelling out of my country after the summer too. I really don't want to lose her and I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do. Can anyone in here perhaps provide some friendly assistance? Sorry for my broken English.

Best regards Mathias.

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But let's say I do. I know I have to make up my mind, but what if I do? What would then be appropriate? Thank you in advance.


Then you should have told her -- when she confessed to you, you should have said "i feel the same way about you".

Honestly, if you went to her and said "i was surprised about your confession and wanted to tell you i feel the same way--- i didn't say it because i was just afraid to lose you if i told you how i felt"


But you DO NOT feel romantic towards her because otherwise you would have told her you felt the same way -- right on the spot. So be honest with yourself.

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Math, you can't go back and forth about your feelings like that. If you felt the same for her you would have known and would have told her when she told you.


If you are confused and unsure then there is a good chance you are trying to force yourself to feel something.


That's not a good thing to do. If you go tell her you feel the same but then find out you actually don't, you will hurt her far worse.

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