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My new coworker is really awesome and I want to be friends but not sure how

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So a few months ago we got a new hire at the store I work at. So far “Connie” has been doing a great job and I really enjoy working with her. (I’m also a girl btw). The times we work together we actually have a lot of fun. We joke, laugh and I get excited when I know we are scheduled together. We’re also the same age (early 20s) and share some common interests. I’m only there on the weekends though and I don’t get to see her as often so I would love to be friends outside of work with her but I’m not sure how. We talk about work a lot but I want to try to talk about other things but don’t want to come off as being too personal. Side note she just moved into town and she doesn’t know anyone outside the store so maybe that could be an angle I could use. Any tips? Thanks!

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I have had nice messages from girls who I have met a few times at meetup events saying something along the lines of 'Hi, here is my number if you would like to catch up outside of meetup, sometime.'


It has always been a nice surprise and obviously it is very casual and friendly, so it is easy to just write back and say 'hey! I would love to!'


I am guessing that you probably need her number to be able to send her a friendly text, but you could do the same thing in person. Simply say: 'Hey, do you want to swap numbers so that we can catch up outside of work sometime?'


Good luck!

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I think you should consider her a "work friend" and enjoy her company at work. If something comes up that sounds like you both want to go to, say "i'll go if you don't have anyone to go with you" and see if she bites.

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