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Hi all.


I've screwed up. I got an idea in my head that my girlfriend had lied to me about her activities with someone else. To cut a long story short, She's an angel and I made the whole thing up in my head. I got drunk and had a fire in my mind I couldn't put out. I accused her of lying and was verbally quite mean to her. I saw the light straight afterwards, I profusely apologised and I'm praying she will forgive me. We're fairly new (6 ish months) to the relationship but apart from that one thing, everything is perfect.


I'm in therapy to deal with my trust issues from past relationships, but my therapist double booked that week and I didn't see him. That +alcohol + that worry = an ugly bad boyfriend.


She says she still loves me but she's very upset. I'm terrified I've ruined everything. I don't know what to do apart from grovel, carry on my efforts to beat my trust issues and pray she forgives me, right?


Thanks for reading.

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What did you think she was up to, exactly? And what did you say to her?


You're doing the right thing by seeking help for trust issues, and apologizing to her. I would also strongly recommend you give up the booze if you become nasty when you're drunk.


The rest is up to her. Sometimes these things are deal-breakers; that will be for her decide.

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I wasn't aggressive or anything too shocking. I was very passive aggressive and basically accused her of lying when she told me nothing happened, then hysterically cried and apologised when I realised how wrong I was.


There was someone she was hanging out with while we were getting together and I just got the idea in my head that there was more to it than that. It's utterly ridiculous and out of order that I acted like that. I absolutely trust her I just had a momentary lapse of morality and I wish more than anything that I didn't handle it the way I did.

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Doesn't matter whether she was or not...you weren't exclusive at the time so it is within her right if she was dating someone else at that time.


Anyways, quit drinking and a lot of these issues will go away. Try an AA meeting...they are free and are on going 24/7.

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