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Personal pet peeves


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Hi everyone!


I'm always curious what people's personal pet peeves are. The stranger the better. This doesn't need to pertain to romantic relationships at all.


Also, this post is supposed to be light hearted and entertaining, so shoot!


My list:


Chewing gum obviously (there's nothing wrong with chewing gum in my opinion, but it rubs me the wrong way when people need to open their mouth with every chew.)


Thanking in advance (can you do x for me? Thanks a bunch!)


Using the word lol in actual spoken conversation


Using the words profesh, delish and awesomesauce anywhere


If you're not my partner I find it super odd to ask if you can try my food. Always stuns me into shocked compliance.


Kinda related, but pointing at what I'm eating and saying it looks weird or gross. This one happens at work frequently to the point where coworkers will sometimes bend into my bowl and ask what I'm eating. I don't think my lunches are that strange.


Interrupting with a totally new topic


Having conversations with someone across the street. Why not just move closer?


Talking into cell phones like it's a walkie talkie


Walking in groups of 3 or 4 next to each other slowly on the sidewalk. I'm from Berlin Germany originally and you gotta get from A to B fast!


"Sorry not sorry"


Ok I'm sure there's more but I'm curious to hear what others find cringey!

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"It is what it is". Really? Because I thought it is what it is not!


"Team work makes the dream work!!!" Annoying and cult-ish.


"Myself" and whomever. No, the proper way is "Friend and I". You would never say "Myself is eating lunch at noon!" So why would you say "Myself and Friend are eating lunch at noon"?


Incorrect use of their, there and they're. Or "loose" (I see this one on this forum a LOT). "I'm afraid I'm going to LOOSE her!" No, you're afraid you're going to LOSE her. "Loose" means not tight. Or "to" and "too". Also "know" and "no". You did not "no" your boyfriend was cheating!


People who drive 35 mph on the highway when the speed limit is 55, 65 or 70 mph. If you want to drive 35 mph you should stay off the highway.


Texting and driving. See someone swerving all over the place? Yep, they're texting. Traffic light turns green and car does not move? They're texting (or reading a text). I just don't understand why people grab their phones the second they're stopped at a red light (my friend does this). You can't listen to music or think for the 90 seconds it takes for the light to change?


My friend who leaves me voice mails that say to please call her back. I can see she called, can deduce she wants to talk to me, leaving a VM that ONLY says to call back means I have to make two calls instead of one. She also always tells me the date and time...I guess she doesn't know voice mail is date and time stamped. Also, people who text (or call) and if I don't reply or call back immediately, call or text again. And again. If I didn't respond yet it doesn't mean I didn't receive the message, it means I haven't gotten a chance to get back to you. Leaving (or sending) 17,427 messages does not make me respond faster. In fact, it makes me not want to even get back to you because you've annoyed me so badly.


People who are always late. And I don't mean 15-20 minutes, that's bearable. My brother's girlfriend (also his ex wife) is always at least 2 hours late for everything. If he says something to her about it she throws him a Nazi salute and calls him the Gestapo. Charming.


I'm sure I have more, but I just woke up from a nap and my head is full of wool.

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Boltnrun, your list actually made me "lol". Seriously though, I hadn't thought of "it is what it is!" What a ..non statement that kills conversation instantly.


Your cell phone point reminds me of how fascinating I also find it, when people sit on a subway for example, totally glued to their phones, and not even look up when someone new enters. It seems that this basic survival instinct for lack of a better word is totally gone. Wouldn't you want to know what goes on around you?


She calls him a Nazi, yikes! A word that's thrown around so "loosely" nowadays. I agree, it's so disrespectful to be late. Being German my sense of being on time means I gotta be there 10 minutes early haha.


Great list thanks for that!

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People who are realtors that have a house for “sell”. Noooo it’s a house for SALE. I agree with many already listed... this one came to mind because I actually had a conversation with my mom about this today so it was a fresh pet peeve. She was a realtor and she said this is pretty common. Ahhhh

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Great thread topic!


One-uppers. People who have to use whatever one person says, and respond with their story, but it's always "better".


I witnessed the most miserable, horrible fail at this today. I was visiting a client with a business associate. The client has been out of work for close to a year, and she shared that it's because her 20-year old daughter was killed in a car accident. She was sharing her story, obviously so heartbroken, when the business associate (a 70+ year old man) one-upped with his story of his car wreck that he was so lucky to come out of. He went on....and on....and on. I kept turning back to the woman, sharing my sympathy, and all he could do was continue to share details of his own wreck. I'm sorry, but a 70+ year old man's car wreck has absolutely nothing to do with a 20-year old young woman's death. Today would be her 21st birthday, and on my way home, I drove past the accident site, marked with balloons and flowers from her friends and family, and I cried for her.

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When I’m at the pinball arcade (everything is on free play) and someone puts in four players and they don’t bother finishing the game. Then it has to be reset.


Seeing a lot of food being wasted when I’m eating out. There are less fortunate people who would love to have that.


Individuals who use cell phones or talk in the movie theater while the movie is playing.

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Very funny thread. I thought I had loads but I must be mellowing with age..


People who leave dishes in the sink. When I need to use the sink, I don't want to have to move dirty dishes. I don't even care if they can't wash them at once, just leave them on the side!


When people ask (or worse, just help themselves) to read books/magazines that I have just bought and haven't read yet. NO.


Spelling mistakes on company signs. I actively avoid dealing with them.

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Using "super" as an adjective.

Also as the OP wrote, crowding the sidewalk.

Stopping our phone conversation to respond to a non-essential text and even worse reading the text "oh! [adult child] wants to know if she can eat leftovers that are 3-days old so I'm telling her [pause as she types]..... yes......" -and doing this more than once is when I politely say I have to go.

"Just being honest"

Facebook messaging me to try to sell me something and not revealing it until the second or third exchange."


Great thread!

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Anya, I agree, letting your dishes stack up is just nasty!


Batya33, oh wow so far the text reading hasn't happened to me yet, but I'd be annoyed too!


Certainly it's fine if an emergency comes through and you're caught off guard so you reflexively repeat it.


Many years ago I called someone I'd connected with on line. We were on the phone and he told me he had a hamster for a pet I think it was which he was obsessed with. During our 20 minute conversation he kept interrupting himself and me to talk to the hamster. In a baby voice. I was done (otherwise he was nice and all but come on). A few years later my then boyfriend told me about his female friend who was serious about a guy she met online and in person although he was obsessed with his hamster. Other details matched up. My jaw dropped. "It's not [name] the Hamster Man" is it??? Far as I know they've been married almost 20 years. A lid for every pot (as long as the hamster is not in there).


I think I'm overly sensitive to another person's distractions during a phone call and of course with cell phones it's gotten even worse. I'm fine if I know in advance -i.e. the person is commuting/driving, waiting in line and wants to see if we can at least chat for a bit - but there's a limit IMO. I certainly multitask as far as washing dishes, cleaning etc but I don't have two conversations at once.


Thanks again for the thread!

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Batya, that hamster story is hilarious. I hope he waited until they were more serious to introduce the hamster, so it wouldn't get prematurely attached.


No he didn’t - it was right away and gave her pause apparently. We never told her lol. By the way I loved your post about your art. My son and I just finished reading a fictional account of how Chagall turned his love of drawing into a career and the struggles he went through to convince his parents to let him take art lessons. Sorry to go off topic as obviously it’s not a pet peeve of mine. Thanks for sharing on the other thread.

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