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Ex-Girlfriend is turning my friends against me

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Some background- this was a very toxic girl who spent our entire time together trying to put me down.


While we were together she started to get closer to my friends, and I thought it was a good thing as they could get to know each other. However she began to say things like; "I hung out with Adam today, without you. It was fun I really like him. We have this inside joke, and you're not part of it." At the time I didn't mind it, and honestly this wasn't a weird way for this specific girl to act.


We've been broken up for about 2 months now, and since then she has become even closer to my friends, and befriended the ones she didn't know before. I wish I could say it she just likes them and isn't doing it to hurt me, but I can't convince myself of that. I would talk to my friends about it, but I know that at this point they would either get pissed at me, or go and tell her. My friends have never been loyal or have had my back.


I know this is an irregular sittuation. What should I do?

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