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Huge fight / packed up things / said she needs space

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Long day at work stuck in traffic and got into arguement over phone about what to get to eat . When I got back to apartment I was triggering by stupid argument and couldn't turn off the heat . I displaced other issues in anger about after a year and half she hasn't met my parents but I've met hers countless times - holidays / birthdays/ etc. About how my circle of friends is always asking for double dates /etc but her circle of friends is non existent . A dry spell in sex life . I just couldn't turn off the anger . She said she had a headache and didn't want to talk about it, thus me getting angrier . I started packing up my stuff in the heat of the moment .she said are you really going to leave Like this , all because I have a headache ? I said you had your chance and left . Felt like out of body experience . She came down to car and we hugged and she said I love you . I called for her but she kept walking . Next day I blew up her phone apologizing . Next day she text me thanks for apologizing but I really need time and space and I will reach out when ready . That was a little over a month and half ago. She still hasn't reached out . In that time I text a couple times, sent flowers but radio silence .the past 30 days I have went no contact to give her real space and work on myself , therapy included . In total, it's been almost two months and she hasn't responded or reached out . What's my situation ? How long must I wait or did I get a boiler plate message . She hasn't said game over , or grab the rest of your stuff , or leave me alone, just radio silence . Advice and feedback appreciated.

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