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Boyfriend being selfish?!

I'm Missing My Boyfriend Too Mu...
I'm Missing My Boyfriend Too Much - What Now?

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I often struggle with depression. What I have learned is first and foremost you have to make you a priority. If he leaves you over your effort of mending your wounds... let him. I know it will be hard. But how could you heal if you are in an environment that doesn't serve you nor your growth. Love isn't as fickle as people think.... You deserve to live your best life. Anyone that TRULY loves you, will 100% understand that. You cant just "turn off" love (I would if I could) so if he "leaves" you and the love was truly there... the love won't leave. Don't invest more time in something just because you've already invested so much time into it. You have to make you a priority, the love you give yourself is reflective of the love you'll receive. Best of luck to you. Heal soon.

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He finished me tonight. Said he couldn’t see a future with someone who has mental health issues. I’ve told the landlord I’m moving out and I’ve not told my ex. I’m cutting all ties.


Thanks for all your replies guys


I'm sorry Curlyweave, I used to struggle with mental health issues, and it was extremely hard on my ex sometimes.


I am sure there times he wanted to leave (we lived together) but he never did, and elected himself my "white knight" thinking he could help.


All that did was cause him tremendous stress! Not saying it was my fault cause it wasn't, but he turned to drugs to cope with everything (not just me) which eventually destroyed our RL.


Fortunately I learned to manage my anxieties/moods and very rarely struggle anymore.


I did this on my own, well, I sought therapy for awhile but mostly manage by doing yoga, lots of exercise (increases endorphins), healthy eating and avoiding negative people and situations.


Your BF and relationship sounded very negative so perhaps this is for the best even if you don't think so now.


While endings are always difficult, they pave the way for new, more positive and healthier beginnings.


So best of luck on your journey, and continue reaching out here if you ever need to talk, vent or whatever.

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