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Mom v boyfriend


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Unfortunately since you live at home and your mother supports you and fiances things for you you'll have to make some compromises. "Pointing out she's wrong" repeatedly is rebellious and extremely argumentative. You are shooting yourself in the foot with that. Your mother isn't the problem. You need to ask yourself if this pothead badboy would pay for your food, housing, college, car etc.


You may not want your mother to dislike him, but she may not want to continue to finance your lifestyle. After 18 she can kick you out on the street and cut you off financially, she doesn't have to spoil you AND put up with your argumentativeness and rebellion. Are you prepared to live with this guy, work a full time menial job without a car or college education for your grand love and blind faith? You can do that anytime you like. Just walk out the door, you are over 18. You don't have to convince her of anything, including the perceived merits of dating this guy.

I simply try to point out where she's wrong she CAN shun me and take my car away if she wanted. As for the last statement, I don't try telling her how amazing he is or anything I mostly just point out her wrongs and how she exaggerates certain things.
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Your mom has offered the luxury of living expenses, a vehicle, a college education to you.

And all you have to do in exchange is work hard on that and focus on building your future. That's a great gift.


Boyfriends and dating will be there in a few years time when you are on your own feet.


It's really up to you but given that choice at your age I would take the practically free education in a blink. Making a living and putting oneself through schooling is not so easy.

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Your mom seems to have some issues too.


I bet her controlling and dependent behavior has affected many areas of your relationship, not just romance.


So you are an 18 girl and your mom emotionally manipulates you like that because you don't call her or see her EVERYDAY? And you say that you still typically do...


It sounds like your mom has more issues than this guy. I never read anything about an arrest record, did I miss something?


I am sure breaking your reliance on your mother would help you in far more ways than getting free say in a boyfriend.


I am glad I went to college and got my degrees while totally independent and supporting myself. I wouldn't mind help but I wouldn't take a penny if it had strings, and it sounds like you mom has many attached to her's.


Honestly this guy could be a total burn out. I was just saying don't assume that based on him smoking pot. (Btw, slang has changed in the last 30 years and dope isn't pot anymore)


But I would become independent regardless of him just to get away from your crazy controling and needy mother.

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