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My wife saw that I was looking at backpage on my phone


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Chitown, I appreciate the words of self preservation. I believe it is far too easy to strategically protect the self against things like this and push the blame elsewhere. I have to see this through. If you have any other perspectives on the situation that would be great as well. My wife is an amazing person. I need to figure my out. I understand our relationship was suffering due to the both of us. But now, it is nearly dead because of me.

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I apologize.


I want advice from people who may have experienced things similar to this, from the cheater and cheated.

Also, seeking counsel as things continue, progress, or go. Sour (probably better for a new thread, under the proper category).


Im sorry if this section breaks rules. I've never been a forum person. I rant, I go to the deep end, I understand. Just trying to paint the best picture I can so the community can make the best assessment so they can give their best advice.

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