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Ex's best friend adds me 6 months later

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*I posted this under another forum as well but it didn't get responses, administrators feel free to delete one of the two I just need more responses/opinions*


Hey guys, it's been a little while! I've been doing very well the last few weeks especially. I decided to kick the habit of checking my ex's social media daily as well as his new gf's. About one month "sober" lol. Anyways, I'm writing because yesterday out of the blue I got a follow request on instagram from one of my ex's closest friends at his college. I wouldn't be so suspicious if we had spoken before or had mutual friends, but neither of those are the case. He followed me back in september when my ex and I were kind of still together and he would go to this friend for advice. Once we officially broke things off, this friend unfollowed me after my ex did. I find it weird as we have never spoken before and it was so out of the blue. As far as I know my ex is still with his new girlfriend but I refuse to check their social media to find out, in fear of kicking up the old habit. I guess I'm just confused on the reasoning behind this. I'm tempted to just message the guy asking why but as of now I'm thinking keep doing nothing and push forward. What are your thoughts?


*another weird thing: about a month ago my ex blocked me on twitter, 6 months after we broke up. We have not spoken, had not been following each other, I didn't accidentally "like" anything he posted, so there was no real reasoning behind it. The only thing I can think of is maybe he was forcing himself to stop checking my account, something he admitted to routinely doing while we were together and even while we still talked after we broke up. This blocking is what made me officially decide to stop looking at their social media lol it was my final straw.

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