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Why do dumpers text dumpees?


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Ive just wanted some insight on why the dumpers text the dumpees. Long story short my ex broke up with me about a month ago said she needed time and space and didnt know if breaking up or staying together was right. I really want her back still. I begged and plaeded for about two weeks then I stopped. I would still text her but most of the time it was short conversations. Recently she has been texting me a little more maybe 2-3 times per week. Yesterday she texted me while she was drunk and kept the conversation going. We were both a little playful and she ended up calling me "butthole" sarcasticaly I guess you could say it was a pet name cause in the relationship she would call me that sarcasticaly all the time. I'm just curious as to why she still texts me ? Is there any chance that she wants me back or is it just guilt? Another thing is she only seems to keep the conversations going when drunk and a little more shot when sober

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Attention. Loneliness. Boredom. The people they were seeing dumped them.


If they want to get back together they make it clear and while they are sober.

Go NC, ask for her to not text you again or you will block her (or just block her now), and move on.

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My ex used to text or call whenever he and his girlfriend (who he cheated on me with and dumped me to be with full time) fought. He hates himself and therefore hates to be alone, so he'd go down his list of exes and try to find one of us who'd be willing to give him attention when he was feeling sorry for himself. As soon as he made up with the girlfriend he'd disappear again until the next fight.


Most of the time it's not because they're thinking about what's best for you. They are thinking about what they want, which is usually attention.

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