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Hey everyone, I realize I just posted yesterday but I'd like to use this platform a bit more whenever I'm having an issue. Its really been helpful.


This summer was one of the best I've ever lived through, seriously. I lost a load of weight, got to become really good looking, was in great shape, and was just having a great time.


When school started, it was a much different story.


I found it much harder to keep up with exercising after school, and also just staying in shape.. I remember being 5'6 and about 128 pounds when school started, which seemed like a very good height and weight. Although, I remember a couple months back checking and seeing that I'm 143 pounds and maybe an inch taller.

How did this happen? I know how. I stopped eating healthy and didn't exercise as often, sat around longer due to school, and just let myself go.

People, including my family, used to tell me how great I looked.. that I lost a load of weight and that I was skinny and should actually eat more. This was music to my ears. It motivated me to keep on going.

Now my mother tells me how it looks like I gained some weight, that I looked "heavier" and one of my uncle's has told me this as well. My father, though, said I look the same to him, and other people tell me I'm still thin.

Before my weight loss, I was really heavy, though I liked this girl and it motivated me to lose weight.


Now I don't know what will motivate me to get back on track.


If you could give me some advice on what to do in order to lose more weight long term it would help a lot. I've let myself go as far as dieting and exercising are concerned.


Thank you.

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Join a group sport through your school or a local club. You will make valuable friendships that could last you a lifetime, and it will take the focus off your self-consciousness and help you keep in shape at the same time. Don't worry if you're not particularly good at anything at the moment, you get good by trying and persisting. Pick one or two and give them a go


And make sure you drink plenty of water and eat veggies every day. Just remembering to do that helps you make better choices with what you put in your mouth

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