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Thinking of moving to another state


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So on Christmas I broke up with a boyfriend I had for almost 12 years. I started dating a week later and I am still with the new guy.


I’m from NJ. I live in the same town I was born in. I am currently on vacation in Florida with my new boyfriend. We have been talking about moving to Florida. To the Clearwater, Tampa area.


I am between jobs, I don’t like the cold winters and I would just like the chance to start over new somewhere. My entire life was wrapped up in my ex and now that its over I just want a restart.


Is this a crazy idea? Will I regret it? I’ve looked on line at houses and see a few I like. I have enough money to hold us over until I get a job.


How many people on here started over in a new state? I’m turning 50 this year. I would love to hear some success stories

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Moving to another state isn’t what concerns me. It’s that you have a new boyfriend of literally like 7 weeks that you met immediately on the heels of a relationship and you want to relocate with him.


Noooope. So much nope.


Also, never buy a house without a job. I don’t even know how you could.

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I would only do this if you are going to live independently until you two have been dating for at least close to a year. Way too risky to relocate and share living space with someone you barely know. I relocated after I got married -for the first time really -had lived in my city over 4 decades and moved hundreds of miles away. But I knew when we started dating that if we married I'd likely have to relocate for his job so I had a long time to prepare. But, I didn't need a job right away (because i had an infant) and I can tell you that finding a job when I did need one wasn't easy without the network I had in my home state.

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We are going to live together regardless. Either in NJ or FL.


Does this guy know that you're essentially a millionaire?


What about him? Does he work? Own a home? Have his own money?


Does he plan on finding work in FL?


Will you be supporting the both of you once you move?


Without knowing the answers to these questions, I can't give an accurate opinion.

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That is an awful lot of changes for your child.


I know, I know...he's "fine". Even though you originally said he saw your ex as a father figure and was terribly upset over the breakup, he's "fine".


Sorry, I think it's way too soon to be not only having your child live with a different man, but to have him move states as well.


Unless you're planning to leave your child with your parents?

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