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Healing process after being dumped


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I just need some opinions on this one.


It's been 5 months since I got dumped, and I guess I am at the acceptance phase. I realize that everything is beyond over, and life sucks because of it.


I am not getting better as every thread on the web describes, I just get used to the fact that this is just a necessary obstacle for everyone to bump into.


Long story short, I've had my shot at dating apps etc. , even went out on a date, but I have noticed that most of the people approach me with pre-set thoughts, that I am this or that, and somehow block me out, even when I am not being needy.


What I am trying to say is, that right now I feel like I have been cursed and there is another year or two (or more) that need to go to waste, despite my trial and errors. Call it Murphy's law.


I am 28 now, while still in my late 20's , in my country, this is not the youngest of age to be looking for love, and 95% of the women look differently at you.


While I am trying to remain confident in my body and decisions, I get consistent rejection for nearly every attempt to socialize with people I like (or even don't for that matter). I mean, socialize, as in talking about something else rather than work or daily chores. It's like I am in a time-spiral which holds only individuals that have everything in place, and I don't.


I know somebody else has felt that way before, and I know it is just my brain playing tricks on me, but I would love to know what happens after this.

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Have you done anything different in the last 5 months.


It sounds like you could use a new way of living, because your past way of living (now feeling cursed) is not serving you well.

How about re-igniting passions or hobbies of yours. What do you like to do in your spare time? For some it's cooking, for others it's travelling, for others its volunteering.


Meeting someone special in your life often happens by chance or circumstance.


Also, cast your net further than dating apps. Try many different types of apps. Look for other creative ways to broaden your social circle.


Don't lose hope. That will show up to men negatively in your words...AND in your body language

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