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I want to approach her and I don't know the right way


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Hello to everyone,


I like a girl and I want to approach her. I tried once with no success. I told her if she wants to go to study so we can study together. You know and the one brings the other. She didn't respond. Sometimes the silence can tell you more things than some words. I think that if she doesn't like me she could just say no or something negative in a polite way. I think that she has a relationship and this is her biggest concern. We are international students so we both are far away from home. Her boyfriend is back home. She is the kind of girl that deserves to try for her harder even if I fail. I won't regret the failure, but I will regret the inaction. I don't want to be annoying though so I need the smart way. I feel that I can change her mind. I think here I need the opinion of a woman or someone who knows this part.


I am looking forward to your responses.

Please only essential comments.

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Sounds like she's not interested. Also if you think she has a boyfriend you shouldn't be interffering in that, especially because she hasn't given you any sign thats she's romantically interested in you.


But if you're still stuck thinking about her I would say to speak to her and directly ask her out, if she says no then move on, don't take it as a challenge to win her over.

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