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We got back together and then...

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Thanks Young mind. I agree with you 100%. I just wanna clarify I would not get back with her. Nor do I want to. What I want I guess is that we wouldnt have broken up in the first place. But obviously thats not true. I also agree with you 100% on why she came back. No arguments there. And yes I am at the Anger stage for sure. F Her.


I had similar situation although we weren't together as long as you two were. But I ended it because he didn't seem like he was ready for a relationship. We gave it another shot and then he ended it. On HIS terms. It was only a power thing for him bc how dare I breakup with him? Made me mad as hell more than anything! Feel the anger! Feel the sadness. Feel the highs and lows. But make sure you feel whatever it is because once you exhaust yourself of feeling it all its all out of your system and you can have an open heart again. Maybe your ex thought she could try again. Maybe she missed you. But maybe she just couldn't in the end. I feel like the older I get the harder breakups get. Ugh it's so messy! I feel for ya

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Those dating sites can really depress you. It's best to get out and meet people.

Even sometimes that doesn't go well, but at least you know the physical attraction is there, instead of

spending countless hours chatting, then meeting up only to discover they photoshopped their pics, or

used pics form a decade ago. Seriously. So, if you want a dating site, find the more exclusive ones that

screen their members and verify the info provided. Sites like Match, Zoosk, Bumble, okcupid, Tinder, POF don't do that.


I think when you're ready you'll just meet someone at a time that's unexpected. I know it's the worst feeling when the

weekends arrive, and it's hard to not think of your ex with someone else, but try to stay busy and focused.

I'm sorry, I wish I could erase the pain for you. Hang in there :)


I would be cautious with dating right now. I know you're eager to move on and meet people (and def helps the ego) but even though you want to move on, your current state will show through. And your dates will pickup on it. Call it a 6th sense! I feel like it can almost set you back because after a really ty date it can make you depressed bc it may have been so easy with your ex and make you miss her. I think once your anger is gone and you've reached acceptance and feel good about where you are should you begin to date. Just my two cents :) but if you think you can go on dates and feel good regardless then go for it!

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I agree on the dating thing. I no longer am trying to find someone right now. Like you said I doubt I would accept anyone at this point. Today wasnt terrible. I found myself laughing and joking a bit at work. Im back to my place tho now. Alone. Might treat myself to some chocolate chip waffles haha. Ohhh life. Sigh....

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