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my crush is having issues with his girlfriend should i do something?


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okay so i never had a crush on someone for YEARS like i literally cant like anybody that way and i almost thought i was asexual.


then i started following this boy on instagram and he followed me back. we don't know each other much but we have lots of common friends and have been in the same events/venues etc. before. i never felt this way for many years and this is a whole new feeling to me. the issue is, he has a girlfriend and they have been dating for like 2 years.


he recently deleted his pics with his gf on instagram and i learned from our common friends that they were having some issues right now, but my friends also said that this wasn't so uncommon for them and that they constantly have these types of issues then they make up eventually.


what should i do? i really don't want to start talking to him while he has a gf but if i don't take an action now maybe they'll make up and i'll never get another chance. any advice?

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No, don't start talking to him at this time. If you see him at a party or some other event, say hi, but you do not want to be blamed for breaking up his relationship, even if you're not the reason. Just play it cool. Your friends can let you know when he's free and clear and then you can text him.

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It's fine to have a crush, but don't put your life on hold for remote fantasies. It would be best to get on some dating apps and start browsing for real-life guys who are free to date you so you can find your own bf.

he has a girlfriend and they have been dating for like 2 years
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