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What should I do? Please help


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I used to have a girlfriend, she left to live abroad for a few months and we decided to break up for the time being. She's coming back soon and I think I'm still in love with her and want to be with her; however, she isn't gonna be back for more than 3 months and will leave again, after which there's no telling whether we'll stay together and last. In the meantime I've been on a few dates with another girl who seems really nice and is really pretty, but I don't feel the same about her (yet, anyway) as I do about my ex girlfriend. Should I end it with the new girl, who has the potential to be a great girlfriend, to be with the one I thought I wanted to end up with, or should I take the safer bet and hope this new girl is just as amazing as my ex?

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I think you should carry on with this current woman assuming that your ex won't want you back. If your ex is going to be gone all the time, is there a point in staying together? How long would the long distance thing continue?


I think my ex does want me back, but yeah there are insecurities about the chances of everything working out in the end. But what if it would? I have no clue what the future looks like

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Yeah, you got a lot of maybes from this girlfriend who may or may not want you when she returns and then travels away again. You're not exclusive. Give the girl you've recently dated a chance.


True, my ex Isn't making anything easy. I guess I can at least continue going out with this new girl for a bit

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