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Breakup and blocked on all communication platforms

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You will be fine.


But, as others have said, the message bombardment is a definite turn off. One of my ex's sent me 13 messages, all of which I ignored because he was being so insistent and honestly, a pest. I blocked him. Then a year later I unblocked him, figuring so much time had gone by he'd surely moved on. The very next day I got three more messages! I finally had to clearly tell him to leave me alone.


That technique just doesn't work.


But I'm sure you will be fine. New year, new opportunities!


Hahahahaha thanks for giving me a blocker’s point of view. If he ever unblocks me, then I’ll be sure to not spam him with messages!

For now, I’ll just accept my part of mistake in the relationship and try not to dwell too much into it.

Emotional attachment can be such a precarious thing.

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