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No contact broken or no???

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My child’s father and I broke up 6 months ago due to my decision to end it. We were together 7 years. After he moved out he cut all contact with me( not our kid though) when he would pick her up he would pull up blow the horn and I would see her out to him. At first I was surprised he was acting that way, but I realized he was probably upset with me about my decision to move on. I became perfectly fine with him being a stranger. Hadn’t even seen his face in 6 months. So now, six months later, he came to drop off her bday gift, but surprisingly knocked on my door and came in. I was polite while he stayed over an hour to set up her phone. So am I wrong to see a shift happening here or do you think he was just coming in to see the kid?? I’m only asking because lately he has started to text me about our kid or other things when at one point he didn’t talk to me AT ALL. Thoughts? I just don’t want him to be interested in us being together again because I’m on to a new relationship now somewhat. Please be truthful guys.

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Truthfully, he's probably accepted this and is moving on.

The initial anger has passed, and he can now stand the sight of you and be around you.

Just be careful not to instill any false hope in your child.

And if you allow him again, always be sure to bite your tongue so as not to argue in front of her.

My daughters dad and I went a year not being able to stand one another. We moved on and

we can get along, although it's very superficial. I have no trust, I have to stay 10 steps ahead.

Just don't let your guard down if there are issues that are still burning between you.

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